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Artistic convergences, jubilant encounters, and close connections between generations: this 51st edition illustrates all the facets of the Montreux Jazz Festival.

Sculpted with precision, the programming draws upon the foundational strength of jazz, discovers gripping young talents, and heralds the decisive returns of pop sensations and R&B royalty. Particularly rich, the program for this edition reveals subtle alchemies and variegated genres. Care for details, so important in Montreux, gives a profound and intense texture to this lineup.

Experience the Montreux Jazz Festival Out of the Box!

The Out of the Box experience brings yet another aspect to the programming. Through emblematic sites in the region, the Festival offers a tailor-made showcase for a limited selection of outstanding artists. Out of the Box delivers magnificent combinations, sometimes unexpected, sometimes obvious, between unusual venues and artists who defy classification. Outside the Festival grounds, these historical sites invite you to experience exceptional concerts in a serene, nearly meditative fashion.

Ticket office opening: Friday March 31st at 10am.

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