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7 Countries with best white christmas ever

1. ICELAND (Reykjavik)


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It’s been snowing in Iceland since late September, so I’d say that’s a good sign the white stuff will be on the ground in time – hopefully lightly alighting your jacket too – for Christmas. Reykjavik is also colourful and very cute, which makes for an authentic and enjoyable Christmas scene. Get their in time to enjoy the Christmas markets at Ingólfstorg, or to visit the special Christmas Village at Hafnarfjörðu, just south of the city.



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Chestnuts will be roasting on an open fire in Prague as this city feels like it was built specifically for Christmas, thanks to gothic architecture, narrow medieval alleyways and yes, good odds for snowfall. The last decade has seen more Christmases with snow than without, so we recommend being ready for nippy weather and exquisite, I-feel-five-again Christmas scenes, including Christmas markets in the Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square.

3. RUSSIA (Moscow)


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Russia is well known for its hard, cold, long winters. You can count on snow here, from early November until late in March. So, for an icy, white Christmas, be sure to go to Moscow. Spending Christmas among all the beauty that this historic city has to offer, you can be sure to experience a beautiful holiday, here. The Russians are well aware of this. Every year, Moscow celebrates the Russian Winter Festival from mid-December to mid-January. It’s a gigantic cultural festival complete with performances, games, crafts, food and more at beautiful locations such as Izmailovsky Park and Revolution Square located in the middle of town.

4. JAPAN (Sapporo)


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Japan isn’t exactly around the corner for me, but Sapporo will guarantee you a white Christmas. The city is literally surrounded by ski areas, including such names as Kiroro, Teine, Kokusai, Kiroro, Asarigawa Onsen, and Rusutsu. And, if you stay into the new year, you can experience the annual Snow Festival. The city attracts about two million tourists every year, who come for more than a week to admire more than 200 ice sculptures. To create the sculptures, the Japanese Army deploys more than 6000 lorries to bring snow to Sapporo from all around in the country. So there is no shortage of a big, white blanket.

5. AUSTRIA (Salzburg)


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The Austrian Alps aren’t as famous as the French or Swiss, but they’re certainly not falling far behind with some very reputable slopes and at a discounted price in comparison to its’ neighbours. Salzburg is the picturesque, magical, fairytale-like town to base yourself for a perfect Christmas Eve by the fire sipping hot cocoa. So quaint and charming, in fact, that you’ll have to be dragged by your heels when leaving.

6. FINLAND (Helsinki)


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The Nordic countries are where snow is most likely to fall in Europe come late December and considering Helsinki was covered in the stuff during Christmas week last year, the odds are in the Finns’ favour. Find yourself a cosy place to stay and enjoy watching everything run like clockwork despite half a metre of snow outside, then warm up with lots of glögg while reindeer spotting.

7. USA (New York State)


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Christmas as you only see it in the movies. I used to dream about Christmas the way you see it in the movie “Home Alone”. No one can really guarantee that there will be snow in New York State at Christmas, but the chances are pretty good. I understand that Syracuse is the whitest city in the state of New York. It snows there an average of 252 centimetres each winter and holds the record of 487 centimetres!

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