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Adiwana Hotels & Resorts Announces the Opening of Its Latest Rustic Eco Resort in Ubud, Adiwana Bee House on 1st August 2019

Shortly after the announcement of Pistachio Restaurant opening on 28th July 2019, Adiwana Hotels & Resorts is again delighted to announce its newest boutique resort on within cultural village of Ubud, Adiwana Bee House which officially opens on 1st August 2019. Embracing the concept of native Balinese tradition, Adiwana Bee House is ready to provide a private paradise surrounded by stunning rice paddies, lush greeneries, and magnificent Mt. Agung view.

Driven by the passion of the developer, from the lobby, rooms as well as all public facilities are all designed to redefine the concept of Balinese farm house that is not commonly used such as cow cages, rice field workers / beekeepers and bee cattle houses. Start from arriving at the resort, the guests will be welcomed by a legendary statue of Men and Pan Brayut, it is a character of popular Balinese folktale depicting scenes of how strong Balinese women are in carrying out the tasks of their daily lives.

The COO of Adiwana Hotels & Resorts, Suwamana Wahyu Putra added, “Adiwana Bee House is made with very unique and rustic design, as we are supporting sustainable tourism, the main material is chosen based on renewable resources which is bamboo. We want to deliver the eco resort concept that brings back the basic simply living well surrounded by lush tropical nature and rice fields, encouraging the guests to slow down following the rhythm of the nature and eat nutritional food”.

Just like the name, the rooms itself has a unique circular shape designed resembles a bee house, combining wood, bamboo and stone material. The Grand Deluxe Room at Adiwana Bee House offers a unique stay experience combining space and comfort. Spacious bathtub and beautifully designed semi-opened bathroom creating an intimate experience to the guests. While the suite rooms is centred around a stunning pool lagoon that acts as an oasis on a hot tropical day. At the first floor, guests are offered with spacious space to relax with a cosy bathtub while immerse with the sound of wind blows or just lay down over the comfortable sofa. At the upper level, comfortable and spacious bedroom waits with balcony enhanced by an endless rice paddy and stunning Mt. Agung view. The one-bedroom villa is carefully designed for those who are seeking more privacy with beautifully coloured private pool, these rooms are also overlooking to the rice paddies and Mt. Agung. There’s a distinctive Balinese character with its custom paintings within all rooms, each panting describes the ancient Balinese story.

The main pool is uniquely designed in the shape of a river that stretches across the area. This is aligned with the concept of a water source or an oasis that always surrounds Balinese houses. The pool is curvy, blue, and it invites guests to cool off while basking in the adjacent beautiful rice paddies. Comfortable lounge chairs are provided for the best sunbathe experience or simply unwind and watch the birds playing amongst the rice paddies.

Blessed with a gorgeous view of rice paddies, Bee Café was built with the Wantilan Subak (irrigation community house) in mind. Bee Café is designed hoping an authentic Balinese experience for the guests. A row of typical Balinese statues beautifully decorated at the restaurant. This is a place where all the farmers will gather to rest and eat after working. The Executive Chef, Made Siharta designed the Bee Café’s menu to highlight the rich flavours as well as the fresh local ingredients that makes Indonesian food delicious. Dishes like Suckling Pig Steamed Bun, Balinese Pork Ribs to the famous Sambal Matah Pizza are some of the unique interpretation of Indonesian cuisine by the chef.

Surrounded by unparalleled natural beauty, Adiwana Bee House offers a variety of leisure activities for the guests such as nature walk, cultural class and Balinese offering making. Each activity is designed so that the guest get to enjoy the rich Balinese heritage, explore the surroundings and meet the locals, also to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Adiwana Bee House is nestled within heart of Ubud, approximately 10 minutes to key attractions in the village such as the well-known Monkey Forest Sanctuary, Neka Gallery, Arma Museum, Ubud Market, the and the Royal Palace.

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