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Bebek Timbungan – Balinese Heritage Cuisine, Philosophy of variety Balinese traditional food

Experiencing culinary in Bali is not complete without trying signature traditional food. Ayam betutu, sate lilit, or plecing kangkung are some of the must-try delicacies while in Bali. One of the less mentioned but plays important role in heritage culinary is Bebek Timbungan.

Bebek timbungan is one of the oldest dishes known in royal Balinese culinary history. Previously Bebek Timbungan was only served in religious ceremony and other special occasion. As told in ancient manuscript Dharma Caruban, one of the most served dishes in special ceremony was “Timbungan”. It came from the word of “embung” or “timbung” which means bamboo.

“Bebek Timbungan” means duck cooked in bamboo. Starting from the desire to maintain the philosophy of Balinese culinary varieties; Bebek Timbungan – Balinese Heritage Cuisine introduce Bebek timbungan as one of its signature menu. The uniqueness of Bebek Timbungan is in the way of its cooking; duck meat covered in Balinese original spices mixture commonly known as ‘base genep’ cooked by smoke in bamboo slats.

Bebek Timbungan menu was first introduced at The Luwus Restaurant located in Secret Garden Village. Soon after it first launched, the dish become popular and guest’s favorite. It inspired the opening of Bebek Timbungan –Balinese Heritage Cuisine at the destination and then followed by Bebek Timbungan – Balinese Heritage Cuisine at Sunset Road that officially open for public on November 15, 2018. Located at pertokoan sunset one, Kuta this special culinary destination is ready to serve even the most discerning traditional culinary lovers start from 10.00 – 23.00 WITA. Bebek Timbungan – Balinese Heritage Cuisine offers variety of Balinese traditional menu in a modern Balinese culture ambience. It becomes one of the must-visit restaurants with family, friends, or colleagues.

During the opening this new outlet at Sunset Road; the management gives special promotion of “Discount Based on Age” to the customer, valid until end of December 2018. Show your ID to get the promotion*

Looking forward to welcoming you at the Balinese culinary heritage at Bebek Timbungan – Balinese Heritage Cuisine Bebek Timbungan – Balinese Heritage Cuisine – THE NEXT CULINARY JOURNEY OF BALI ISLAND *terms and condition applied

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Jalan Sunset Road, Pertokoan Sunset Road Dewaruci Kuta, Badung, Bali 80361

Phone : (0361) 4726258 Fax : 0361-4715049

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