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Countdown the New Year at Armani Hotel Milano

The New Year means new beginnings, and the luxury of a stay at the Armani Hotel Milano ensures that your 2018 is off to an auspicious start. 

True to the Armani philosophy , the ample spaces of the signature Armani Hotel Milano offer privacy and exclusivity yet also the chance to celebrate in a world of exquisite, refined beauty. As the clock strikes midnight, gaze down from the rooftop of the Armani Hotel Milano while the city of style welcomes a year of new beginnings, see the gleaming cathedral alight with promise, and raise your glass to being a part of it all.

Awaiting you on thet special night is an aperitif at the Armani/Bamboo Bar, perhaps a dinner in the delectable Armani/Ristorante, and then the world is yours. stay and enjoy the fervent atmosphere
and excitement above and beyond the city; or venture out into the thick of it. The choice is yours.

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