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John Hardy Fall 2018 collection

Combining a passion for power of nature with individual character and self-expression, the Fall 2018 collection harnesses the drama of transformation: from raw materials into art and from artisan to legend.

Luxury artisan jewelry brand John Hardy is pleased to present the third collection under Creative Director Hollie Bonneville Barden. Drawing inspiration from the tribe of John Hardy who wear jewelry in their own unique way, embracing intricate layers of textures and dramatic styles. Bonneville Barden captures the bold, symbolic nature of the brand’s iconic collections and evolves classic styles into more modern, sculptural and fluid pieces. The result is an inspiring evocation of strength and beauty expressed through elemental forces.

As the first woman at the helm of the John Hardy brand, Bonneville Barden captures the duality between power and grace: honoring heritage motifs that are translated into striking designs for today’s muse. Describing her design process for the collection, she notes, “My journey started when I first joined John Hardy. While on a visit to Bali, I met an extraordinary woman who was an old friend to brand’s founders. She was wearing a vintage John Hardy chain as a belt and showed the many ways this one piece could be personalized and styled. This sparked my fascination for the transformative power of chain, as a tool of self-expression.” The collection begins with an ode to Classic Chain, an evolution from the meandering motifs that are translated into sculptural, rounded and defined crests, that come in a variety of minimalist styles and unique, dramatic transforming pieces.

“I drew on my passion for the exotic and desire for the theatrical. The Golden cape worn by Cleopatra is the ultimate symbol of transformation, empowerment and drama,” Bonneville Barden notes, “As transformability and self-expression are the pinnacle of the collection’s inspiration, I wanted to explore pieces that were adaptable and could be worn in many ways. We explored reversibility, detachability and designs with endless styling possibilities.” The new Asli Classic Chain Link Collection is a literal transformation – updating John Hardy’s iconic Classic Chain clasp with an integrated sculptural station that allows for a variety of interchangeable styling options between necklaces, bracelets and earrings that take the wearer from day-to-night.

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