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John Hardy introduces the Spring Summer 2017 collection

Magic Contrast ‧ Natural Beauty ‧ Resplendent Brilliance
Spring Summer 2017 collection

Luxury artisan-crafted jewelry brand John Hardy introduces the Spring Summer 2017 collection invoked from the nature of duality. Like the magnetic dance of the sun and moon, light and dark, masculine and feminine, myth and modernity – this one-ofa-kind artisan handcrafted collection draws its power from the ritual of divine contrast.


Bamboo collection shows pure harmony. Symbolic of the natural duality of day and night, light and water, surrender and strength. Second-skin forms mimic the contours of the body, bridging self with nature. Radiant detail grounded in resilient design.

The Modern Chain collection legacy continues. Individual links strengthen one another with expressive symmetry, symbolizing the transformative power of partnership. Inspired by the artisanal technique of chain-weaving, this updated icon reimagines tradition through an eternal dance of diamonds, weaving and waxing in silver and gold. The momentum of the past strengthens the future through sculpted metal. A bridge between two worlds, designed to stand the test of time.

The eternal icon. Timeless and foundational: the essential expression of the John Hardy brand. Classic Chain collection is a strengthening symbol of community and connectivity, crafted by individual artisans for centuries. Hand-woven of reclaimed silver and gold punctuated with radiant gradients that are at once mesmerizing and meditative. Generations linked to each other, inseparable from the
magic of the island.


Endless possibility meets the power of now. Symmetry made personal with the physical patterning of the artisan’s touch. The Dot collection epitomizes infinite potential and boundless love through hypnotic continuum of precious wood, metals, and eternal stones. Burnished with tactile contrast, its bold continuum channels eternal motion, true and perpetual.

The powerful talisman. Dramatic manifestations of strength and beauty in daring objects of desire. Inspired by the mythic animals Naga, Macan, Cobra, and Eagle, the Legend collection boldly embodies their strength and prosperity. Rare pieces with radiant depth transform century-old pearls and moonstone into symbolic sources of energy. Power invoked from legend, passed from the artisan to the wearer.

Men’s Collection
The spirit of the masculine manifests with unexpected detail. Rich with visible character, one-of-akind Koka beads honor the integrity of personality. Unfurling masterfully from light to dark, a ritual of contrast emerges. Spirited duality surfaces in double-sided amulets forged from metallicized Snake Wood deep with hidden meaning. Discreet yet immersive, inner surfaces reveal a world of inspiration. Modern ceremony designed for bold new traditions.



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