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Sukkoth, considered one of the happiest times in the Jewish calendar, is the first harvest festival of the year. Celebrated in the fall, the festival also commemorates the 40 years of wandering the Israelites underwent in the desert on their way to Canaan, the Promised Land. During the time of the Temple in Jerusalem, people came to Jerusalem on a pilgrimage (called an Aliyah le’regel – ascending by foot) for this festival with fruits and other gifts to offer as sacrifices in the Temple.


Marked with great festivities and fervor, Sukkoth is one of the best times to experience Jewish history and culture. In 2017 Sukkoth begins before sundown on October 4 and it ends after sundown on October 11. A number of events mark the Sukkoth holiday period, from plays and workshops to live concerts and experiential city tours.


Located in the heart of the City, alongside Jerusalem’s new shopping and entertainment experience the Alrov Mamilla Avenue, with its magnificent views of the Old City walls, the Tower of David and Jaffa Gate, the Mamilla Hotel will be the perfect luxury base to experience Jerusalem at its best. Partake of the Mamilla Sukkoth Special package that offers a Complimentary Festive Meal for a couple, in each stay of 3 nights or above per room. A 3 night stay at Mamilla Hotel starts at 560 USD. This offer is available from 4 October until 13 October 2017.


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