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Kanmo Retail Group Takes Over Havaianas in Indonesia and Presents the 8th Stand-Alone Store in Bali Shopping Centre

Havaianas stand-alone store located at Bali Beachwalk Shopping Center opens as part of their expansion.

After took over Havaianas in June 2017, Kanmo Retail Group (KRG) now opens the 8th stand-alone store located in Bali Beachwalk Shopping Center. As always with Brazilian Summer concept, Havaianas provides customers with light, durable, comfortable flip flop that fits for every style. Margret Marito, Senior Brand Manager Havaianas Indonesia presents the new Havaianas store.

Havaianas New Store at Beachwalk Shopping Center, Kuta, Bali

“As reflected from KRG’s commitment to ‘care for customers’, KRG continues to deliver quality brands and products, one of which is Havaianas brand. Under KRG, Havaianas will continue to expand its business in Indonesia and continue to innovate by providing premium quality products in order to provide satisfaction for our loyal customers” explained Margret Marito, Senior Brand Manager Havaianas Indonesia.

As Indonesian market continues to grow, and as well as the fashion industry, this makes Indonesia is the right place for Havaianas to expand the market. Havaianas’ parent company based in Brazil, Alpargatas is targeting Indonesia as a focused market of their growth strategy over the next five years. With the aim to increase consumer convenience in getting Havaianas products, KRG decided to open the new store at Beachwalk Shopping Center, “By presenting Havaianas stand-alone store in shopping centers, we hope consumers can easily get a choice when looking for a high quality and comfortable flip flops,” closed Margret Marito.

[Left-Right] Margret Marito, Sr. Brand Managaer Havaianas Indonesia and Vivin Andriani, Brand Manager Havaianas Bali

Since 1962, Havaianas brand has become world’s favorite flip flops brand, not only because of our durable and ‘marshmallow’ soft rubber soles, but also brand’s history and roots that still preserved to this day. Havaianas flip flops are made of high quality light and soft rubber sole. With straps that do not easy to get loose, do not smell and available in vibrant colors, Havaianas fits for everyone.

Havaianas flip flops

Every product of Havaianas has trademark registered, Havaianas’ products feature the non-slip rubber soles with visual texture similar to rice grains, one of the many details that make Havaianas unmistakable. Alpargatas registered the patent of the model “a new type of sole with a strap” for the ring bone side. Havaianas sold over 252 million pairs per year in more than 116 countries, 100% produced in Brazil.

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