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Karma Kandara Spa; Find Your Path To Peace, Pamper Yourself In Style

Bali is well known as the world best travel destination, so that’s no wonder people come to relax and revive on wellness breaks from all corners of the world. With numerous spa treatments, sandy beaches and some of the most gorgeous sea views around, there’s no better place to achieve some well-earned luxury spa.

Nestled in the Karma Kandara luxury hotel and resort, this spa is fully devoted to spa wellness and wellbeing, featuring a savvy blend of nature. It’s facilities including individual treatment room facing the ocean, an infrared Sauna set into ragged limestone cliffs with 180 degrees of ocean views, and glass wall with ocean view showers. Each of the private treatment room features an outdoor courtyard, shower and Jacuzzi or bathtub.

Indulgence of the body and mind deserves to be accompanied by a world-class view. You will have exactly that at Karma Kandara Spa. The experience begins in the lounge, a reception area serving a selection of chill herbal drink, before the staff ushered me to the treatment room. Entering Karma Spa, you are immediately warmly greeted into the cozy serene atmosphere and they were ready to accommodate me before I left on my next adventure.

I slipped off my robe and lay face down, adjusting to the reclining leather massage bed to experience the Karma Rhythm Massage. This traditional massage applying pressure onto points of your body and manipulating muscles, energy and flexibility are brought back into your body and mind. Highly trained therapists will apply deep pressure, gently flowing movements and stretching, maintaining a relative distance from the guest’s body to demonstrate their care and respect. The thumbs and palms are used on pressure points while the elbow are used to focus on a specific area or to apply strong pressure. Aromatic oil is used to improve energy fields, ease tension and soothe tired muscles back into form.

After a beauty treatment, clients can extend their feel-good interlude by sip a cup of hot ginger tea, lean back in a chair and gaze out at the famous and majestic Uluwatu’s peninsula hills and Indian Ocean. Any treatment here will make you feel like you are in a heavenly sanctuary. It had an extraordinary effect, sending me into an utterly relaxed, pleasantly dream state.

Written by Gaby Nareswari


For more information & reservation:

Karma Kandara Spa at Karma Kandara Resort

Jl. Villa Banjar Kandara

Banjar Wijaya Kusuma
Ungasan, Bali, 80362 Indonesia

+62 361 848 2202

Karma Kandara Bali Resort

Karma Kandara Spa



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