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Langkawi Island

Langkawi Islands

Situated on the Andaman Sea border with Thailand this Malaysian group of islands is headed by its namesake, Langkawi Island, the largest of a cluster of 104 island. With an already well developed tourist infrastructure, Langkawi Island presents a full range of tourist attractions from luxury resorts to simple accommodation, lovely beaches, marinas, scenic highlands and duty free port.

Langkawi has a lot more to offer than its tropical beaches with their tourist range of après mere facilities. In 2009 UNESCO declared Langkawi Island its World Geopark status. Three of the most popular sites visited that fall into the World Geopark category are the Manchincang Cambrian, the Kilim Karst and The Dayang Bunting Marble Geoforest Parks.

The Kilim Karst is fascinating reach of three river estuaries stretching from Kisap Village for 10 kilometres to Tanjung Rhu. Here visitors will come across hairy nosed sea otters, swimming monkeys, kingfishers and other colorful birdlife as well as Pirate Lagoon with its impressive enclosure of limestone cliffs.

Cenang beach is the iconic beach of the island with its easy reach to accommodation and other tourist facilities. Underwater World is closed by and is Malaysia’s largest aquarium where visitors are offered a range of over 200 species of marine and freshwater life from harbor seals, giant rays, sharks to the notorious arapaima from the Amazon along with fresh water fish from around the island. For those who want to get more personal with the marine life of the island there are snorkeling sites on Langkawi and for day trippers there are some good sites on nearby island.

Taking advantage of its well-preserved environment and offering the very best of tourists facilities, Langkawi Island has become one of Malaysia’s premier holiday destinations.

Kilim Karst Langkawi (INA&O)

Langkawi 1 (INA&O)

Dayang Bunting (Ina&O)

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