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Luxury Leisure, Holiday Like A Royal ! Destinations: “Two Desert Cities”

“Twin Dessert Cities”

Dubai and Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Holiday like a royal at “Twin Desert Cities” Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Twin centre holidays to Dubai will take you to a fast moving city that is a melting pot of Arab and Western cultures mixed in with glamour and all-encompassing luxury. With a range of top restaurants, hotels that are out of this world and fantastic shopping, Dubai is the perfect place for a city break. And, after the fast pace of this desert metropolis, why not jet off to another destination?
Embodying the style, glamour and wealth of the Middle East, this desert metropolis combines city life and beachside relaxation. Offering the ultimate shopping experience, opulent Dubai has a spectacular skyline and luxury hotels. Where else can you ski on the world’s larges. indoor ski slope in the morning and water-ski or sand board under the sun in the afternoon?

What To Do :

You can trigger your adrenaline rush as a royal in off-road trips in Abu Dhabi. Perhaps the best way to an unforgettable experience at the rolling sand dunes in Liwa Desert is an desert experience.  Liwa Desert Safari Tour will let you go through an exciting four-wheel-drive and experience “Dune Bashing.”  Be filled with joy and excitement as you ride and bash against the sand dunes at Liwa Desert Safari Tour.  You will then discover in this place the Saddle Rock, the Ancient Fossil Rocks, and even the Camel Rocks. Be pleasantly accommodated and helped in setting up a camp for the night here in Liwa Desert Safari Tour.  Then, have a taste and be delighted by the Arabian foods such as barbeque and Shisha (flavored tobacco).  While relaxing at the camp enjoy gazing at the captivating stars above together with your friends.  I hope you will experience nature at its best in Liwa Desert Safari Tour.  Truly, it is one of the best adventures you will ever try.  You will never regret trying this once in a lifetime experience. Info :

Dubai off Road

Where To Stay :

Burj Al Arab United Arab Emirates. This seven star hotel, reputed as the highest standard of luxurious hotel in the world. “Room” type is not occur here. Everything is lux suite, which in every suite is two floor area complete with whirlpool bath, living room, dining room, and private buttler. Info :



BurJ Al Arab rooms 1

Burj Al Arab Underwater Rom

Where To Shop :

The Dubai Mall, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Visit the biggest shopping mall in the world, you will have more than 1,200 shop to go into. Info :

The Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall

What To Bring Home :

Krug Champagne ! Why ? Because this all champagne variety from this brand still fermented in oak barrel to deliver unique and complex taste. This champagne is totally suits with your royal holiday.

Krug Champagne

How To Travel :

Maybach. If Arabian Sultan use this ultra-extravagant car as their carriage. Why don’t you ? Let your journey spoiled with any facility such as DVD player, massage seat, and panoramic glass roof.

 Maybach Dubai

Dine and Nightlife:

Dubai is a dessert city, so you have to try Dubai dune sundowner dinner safari. You will dine in Kalahari dessert while watching belly dance show. You can also stay in dessert camp. The silence and the breathtaking brightness of the stars is a big contrast to 
the crowded city. Info :

Dubai Sundowner

The Dubai Sundowner

  Another choice is Turquoiz beach restaurant and lounge at The St. Regis Saadiyat Island Resort . Turquoiz, as the name suggests, embodies the turquoise blue ocean that captivates guests on arrival. A beach restaurant with a large sunset terrace, this vibrant venue is set apart from the hotel as a rustic series of buildings strung out along the sand.  Turquoiz is the winner of What’s On Abu Dhabi Best Seafood Under AED 400 2013. Info :

Turqoise Abu Dhabi

Turquoiz beach restaurant and lounge at The St. Regis Saadiyat Island Resort

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