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Sanur International Kite Festival


Sanur International Kite Festival which will be held from 3-8 August 2017 is one of the programs in Sanur Village Festival (SVF) that combines art, aerodynamic, culture, including philosophy, history and innovate imagination.

The program that is designed together with the monsoon season and agenda SVF makes this event a unity with nature and Sanur community celebrations agenda. Sanur which has been known as the world famous village in the kite world. Traditional and contemporary kites uses various materials, from traditional until modern while exploring current issues, in the cultural tradition until recent life.

Moreover, the translation of Sanur Village Festival 2017 theme “Bhinneka Tunggal Ika” or unity in diversity will be flown to the sky. In the bible of Sutasoma by Mpu Tantular, Bhinneka Tunggal Ika is a framework that becomes the basis of festival themed Save Our Culture.

Sanur International Kite Festival 2017 is joined by participants from 26 countries, making it an internationally standard event. Concurrently with the kite festival, an indoor exhibition will be held at Sudakara Space in Sudamala Suites & Villas Sanur with workshop, seminar, and dialogue. This is a historical occasion, placing SVF as the organizer and Sanur as the destination for world class kite event.


The kite designs in SVF continually change, for traditional kites or unique from Sanur, such as bebean, pucukan, and janggan, will be displayed and compete, including category that innovative and contemporary.
National participants opt for wayang kulit / shadow puppet figures to enhance their visual quality, such as Bima, Kresna, Hanoman, Gatotkaca, Dasamuka and punakawan, created as a symbol of respect for cultural values that are universal.

What is the background for this event? Kadek Armika, creator and master of Sanur kites attempts to bring back cultural memories in a balanced principal that is unique to Indonesians. Shadow puppets can translate the cultural values with life meanings, and become an inspiration for current realities. He further says related to SVF theme, kites can inspire the public from an artistic perspective.

“The Bhinneka Tunggal Ika foundation is evident from different participants from all over Indonesia, ethnics, region, religion and belief, and even international participants. This is proof that kites can speak universal language, not only at an visual esthetic level”, says Kadek.

Chairman of SVF Ida Bagus Gde Sidharta Putra better known as Gusde says kite potential in Sanur can be supported by connectivity to creative industry and tourism, and create a by product for kite accessories which can be sold. During kite month, each hotel can exhibit their kite, which can be a new icon for the tourism industry.
“Kites are not merely for entertainment and hobby, but can economically increase community income. This is one of the Sanur Village Festival objectives, although in practice kite related business is already in place,”
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