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Tropical & Sea-View Seafood Gastronomic Restaurant

By Diana Suciawati

Not far from International Ngurah Rai Airport in Bali, Oceana Restaurant & Bar provides a tropical atmosphere space facing the West to Indian Ocean. With the modern tropical setting, open space door to the ocean view, and fantastic seafood menu in the gastronomic style, this restaurant becomes a perfect place to enjoy the sea and sunset.

These 2-levels restaurant can host maximum 200 people: 150 on the first level, and 50 on the the second level. Not only individual business traveller, but it also host business event and meeting, business gathering, special events such as wedding or even a birthday party. The mastermind behind the Oceana Restaurant, Chef Mukti, serves the dishes in such modern, ellegant, and relaxed ways to spoil its guests with special menus of seafood.

As a Starter, they have special Baked Toast Fajita Seafood with Brown Bread Toast topped with Seafood Fajita and Cheese. The seafood is just rightly-cooked, left some juicy texture and served with tomato compound, some avocado dip and sour cream.


For the Main Course, they serve a signature dish of Lobster Pizza, which is served with Lobster Meat on the top of the pizza with Mozarella Cheese, such an excellent way to put all ingredients on the top of the dish, from the ordinary dish, it becomes an exquisite casual meal. Squid Black Ink Pizza is also available with various topping of our choice.


Tom Yum Seafood Soup has some sour and spicy taste to represent the origin of this dish from Thailand. Served with shrimp, squid, fish, tofu, mushroom, rice noodle, and crispy wontoon, the soup also has lemongrass garnish to sweeten the appearance, to balance the sour and spicy it has for the taste.

A big bowl of Indonesian dessert, consisting of black sticky rice together with rice pudding, is called Bubur Yin Yang. Accompanied with the coconut milk cream and palm sugar sweetener, we can put them all together by our own appetite. It was a certainly a way to end our gastronomic seafood lunch.


The beverages itself has a wide range of choices, such as: hot or cold beverages, tea selection, ice blended, fresh juice, beer, smoothies, mocktail or cocktail. Oceana Restaurant & Bar also has Healthy Jar Salad with three to six layers of our choices, such as Vegetables, Lettuces, Protein, Fruits, and Dressing.


With the ocean-view right in front of the restaurant, the dishes of Oceana Restaurant & Bar truly define the tropical feel Bali Island has. When the sun sets, enjoy the evening at the exclusive beachfront Oceana with affordable and tasty cuisine from tropical island.

Oceana Restaurant & Bar
Jl. Segara Madu, Kelan Beach, South Kuta
Ph. +62 361 849 9166

Diana Suciawati
Originally from Palembang, Diana spent 6 years in Bandung and was lucky to survive Jakarta for 1 year. Her first solo travel was in 2008 to Malaysia, and has been addicted to travel ever since. Now, she is based in Bali with her husband and daughter, working as a freelance writer, editor and reporter through her own website of Blogging since 2005, she’s also sharing all her traveling experience on her family travel blog,

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