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Ubud’s Celebrated Premier Evening Show Performance;

Balinese Living Arts at Puri Kantor

Ubud is recognized as the island’s hub for arts, cultures, beliefs, rituals and spirits that are still well preserved as part of the day to day living. Plenty to see and Ubud offers completely different experiences and atmosphere in day time and evening. The day time fun dynamic surrounding along the beautiful rice paddies would turn into romantic and mystical ambiences when the moon rise and the fires are lit along the way.

Evening air is the moment that brought Ubud comes alive – this is the time to explore the curiosity and imaginations. A new insight for Ubud in the evening is celebrated with a dramatic and inspiring show performance – enlightened Bali’s outstanding uniqueness and magnificence values that would bring more national and international audiences to the island to enjoy cultural experiences.

The royal family of Ubud and Desa Visesa are proud to announce the premier of evening show performance of BALINESE LIVING ARTS; Siwa Nataraja: Bali Unmasked at 7pm – 8 pm at Puri Kantor every Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, Jalan Suweta central Ubud, Bali.


A 45 minutes’ theatrical show brings a whole new concept of art performance by accommodating an ancient story of God SHIVA NATARAJA and the Making of Art: enchanting the dance performances feature the most sacred topeng or mask; Topeng Bang, a refined interpret of Lord Brahma, God of Creation and Topeng Telek interpreting God Wisnu, protector and preserver the Universe. Laymen character are made alive too with a Topeng Kras, portraying a warlike martial character or a Topeng Tua, as the face of a playful oldman. The Transformation: artistic expression a sacred mythology.

This outstanding show is a must see while in Bali!  Nothing else has brought audiences into the flow of performances as you would feel hypnotized by the music, movements and characters of the dancers. Mask Dance also reveal contradictory aspects of the human experience – Sacred and profane, beauty and ugliness, refinement and caricature are interpreted together. And The Revelation: every forces in life has its function to keep the balance of universe, the Balinese is keeping their life surrounded by arts as part of spiritual, body and mind balance on day to day basis


The show is highlighted with a combination of different music influences in line with pentatonic Balinese gamelan – Set in outdoor setting of theatrical heritage complex of Ubud. Puri Kantor crafted stone gate as the majesty backdrop, a built in stage, starry fire dimmed lighting and sound system are part of the local experience.

An entirely new concept which adds the emotions to the show without in any way diminishing Bali’s cultural heritage.

Behind the scene

Peter Wilson, an Australian born – respected director, writer, producer and puppeteer collaborates with Balinese master Dalang, I Made Sidia,that together they brought fresh ideas on the traditional performance and music without leaving its essence.

Peter Wilson, has worked in highly acclaimed theatre productions such as; “The Hobbit”, “King Kong” ‘The Fall of Singapore” among long list of production that brought him to New York, Tokyo, Doha, KL, London, Paris and Beijing. Peter is acclaimed puppet master and recognized as the one of the most significant artist in combining Western and Eastern influences, and immersing cultural values.

Made Sidia, initiated the learning hub communities of Sanggar Paripurna – now with 600 students the hub has become one of foremost learning destination for carving art, fine-arts, painting, dancing, puppetry, gamelan music and the making various religious ceremonies that open for all passionate students from all over the world. Made Sidia has collaborated in numerous national and international productions that brought the pride of Indonesia to global stages.

The performance has attracted an exciting cast of local talented artists from the local village. “You will be inspired by the exceptional dedication of musicians, dancers and infectious passion for arts of the Balinese performers, be enchanted by the imagination. This show is not like any other shows you have ever seen in Bali.” Said Rai, the head of the village shared his view.


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