3 Essential Tips For Booking Private Jet

It’s that time of year again!!  This December and January the private jet market will see requests increase 30%-60% over the rest of the year.  Jet setters all over the country will be traveling to the most popular Jet Set destinations including, Aspen, Wyoming, Salt Lake City, Cabo, St. Martin, St. Barths etc. With supply remaining the same, and demand up, how will you be sure that the perfect aircraft to meet your needs is available?  Will you be paying too much, and is the flight crew experienced at the airport of your destination?  Here are 3 Essential Tips that will help you beat the headaches, and ensure the best rates, safety standards and ease of booking your Holiday Travel

 1. Plan ahead

Sometimes there are deep discounts for booking last minute flights.  NOT during the Holidays!!  Two big risks with booking last minute this year are – the best equipment is generally booked out in advance by charter companies, brokers, and fractional companies for their regular clients.  You may end up settling for a jet that doesn’t meet your expectations or you typically prefer.  The other risk is paying exuberant reposition costs to have a jet come pick you up.  By waiting until the last minute, many of the available aircraft will already be sitting the in popular destinations, meaning that they will likely need to fly empty to come pick you up.  And they don’t fly empty for FREE!!!!!  Save yourself headaches and money by proactively scheduling and securing your aircraft.

 2. Pack Light

The amount of luggage you choose to bring on your trip this year can be the difference of thousands of dollars, not to mention big delays on the tarmac for trying to figure out what to do with the access baggage.  Most Top Notch providers have Flight Support personal that are assigned to your flight once it confirmed.  You will want to alert them of any large items, ski’s, boxes, car seats, etc. that you plan on bringing along.  The average luggage capacity for a mid-size jet is roughly 60 cubic feet of luggage.  For a family of 5 traveling, excess luggage can mean having to jump up to a super-mid or large cabin aircraft which will increase your costs (just for extra baggage space!). Work with your provider and communicate your intentions and they’ll be able to help plan accordingly. Most can even arrange to have additional luggage shipped to your location in advance to avoid needing a larger jet.

 3. Know Your Provider

During these high peak travel times, working with the discount/low cost provider can have major cons.  Does your provider have the right personnel and infrastructure in place to proactive plane your flight? Weather tracking, airport delays, pilot experience are all things you’re going to want to know are being looked at.  We recommend providers that have either certified dispatchers or pilots in-house reviewing this information.  If working with a Broker or Charter company, ask about safety standards, accreditations and details on their preferred vendor network. What are their requirements for flight crew experience? There are many options out there, and you want to ensure you and your family are flying with the right provider

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