The 11th Sanur Village Festival
Located at Maisonette Inna Grand Bali Beach, Sanur Bali
Wednesday 24 August – Sunday 28 August 2016
Open for the public
Daily from 11 AM to 11 PM
Official opening event: The Herbalife Bali International Triathlon in Mertasari Beach Sanur, Sunday 14 August 2016

Sanur, 25 Juli 2016 … LOGO Tat Twam Asi brings colorful visuals that implies on high spirits to develop Sanur village with a multitude of Sanur community creativity within a festival.

Two visualization that is the same between left and right yang from Sanur’s natural symbols known as a coastal area with its community and fisherman creativity, which reflects the theme Tat Twam Asi where I am you and you are me.

Between the two images that reflect Tat Twam Asi is the main circle logo of Sanur Village Festival (SVF) displaying the various activities of SVF with its tagline Fun and Cultural Event position following the curved symbol of kepala jukung (traditional boat) unique for Sanur, the Gajah Mina. This logo is positioned within the circle depicting a sunrise, meant as the everlasting spirit or power that shines on the earth and Sanur community.

Aside from logo esthetic, the writing Tat Twam Asi also unifies SVF activities. the Logo SVF 2016, Tat Twam Asi was designed by Monez Gusmang, a talented graphics designer and animation. Whike the large theme logo was developed by Ida Bagus Sidharta Putra, Apel Hendrawan, Yonas and Jango Pramartha with Bogbog team.

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