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About is an Online portal for those who loves /committed / dedicated /enjoy every single things about travel and life issue, that combines premium visuals and exclusive content with online media’s open culture and rapid speed. An Innovation that wills no doubt inspires many.

straightforward information and article on where to visit, best and recommended travel journey, and lifestyle by in depth viewpoint, without leaving behind’s signature of spontaneity, and witty reported. keep it fresh! as online travel&lifestyle magazine, our goal is aim to provide and bring content to the high level.

We feature:
* Editorial & Advertorial content
* Special offers&package
* Interview
* The A-list of Travel & Lifestyle
* Special coverage content including photo shoot by our professional photographer and go published

Topics we cover include:
* Travel
* Fashion, shopping and style
* Food & wine
* Lifestyle content, and more
Jl.Tukad Badung XXI, Blok C. no.9, Renon – Denpasar , Bali – Indonesia

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