ART of Life (AOL), the official merchandise brand from ARTOTEL Group, launched the fourth collection with the theme “HI4TUS”.

Every semester, AOL releases a collection of new designs, namely AOL original design and local designs featuring local artists’ artwork. This time AOL launched a new design collection with the theme ‘HI4TUS’ (read with Hiatus) which means “short break.” Hiatus is a reminder that sometimes a short break is needed in life. It often functions as an eye-opener and accepting the struggling stage as a defining moment until the end. In this new collection, AOL presents 4 local Indonesian artists who are able to carry the message through their artworks, namely:

  • Horestes Vicha
    With collage techniques, Vicha portrayed the theme with a man leaning back as if he is enjoying solitude. Vicha explains that Hiatus can also mean solitude, away from the crowd and social routines.
  • Addy Debil
    Addy interpreted hiatus as emptiness, where it is considered a common moment in human life. Addy feels that emptiness is sometimes needed, to relax for a moment and recharge, and ready to continue the struggle later.
  • Mahaputra Vito
    According to Vito, when eyes are closed for a moment, the body relaxes entirely; that is also where he got the inspiration for this theme. With this in mind, he created a unique piece for AOL.
  • Sri Rizki
    Describing HI4TUS in the sense of making peace with oneself, there are two hands that, if observed, are embracing, or keeping something close together. Using soft colors, Kiki wants to project softness throughout her work.

Yulia Maria, Assistant Director Marketing Communications ARTOTEL Group adds: “We are very proud of AOL being an art merchandise that is in demand by ARTOTEL guests as well as art enthusiasts. With the presence of AOL’s latest collection, we add a variety of merchandise offered to the public, not only from the types of products but also young artists we invite to collaborate. For the hiatus edition, the products we offer consist of short-sleeved and long-sleeved t-shirts, sacoche bags, and various totebags.”

AOL can be purchased at the booth located in the lobby area of all ARTOTEL Group properties, as well as online through the official site and social media, www.aolbyartotel.com and the @aolbyartotel Instagram account. AOL can also be found in art scene or art event that has been curating AOL as one of their official merchandise like Museum Macan until the end of 2019 and ARTJOG 2019 official merchandise from 25 July until 25 August 2019.

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