Aryaduta Jakarta Cultural Exhibition Initiative

Aryaduta Jakarta announces their new initiative to bring attention to the cultural legacy of the Indonesian Batik that is on the World Heritage List. Nowadays, Batik is overwhelming viewed as a distinctly Indonesian artform which is very valuable. Every district in Indonesia mostly have their own kind of Batik. There is a hidden story behind every Batik’s pattern. For example, Surakarta have their own pattern of Batik called Batik Truntum. The story behind the pattern is that Pakubuwono III made his wife, Queen Beruk sad because he wanted to marry another woman to have a child. The sad Queen Beruk went to meditate and looked at the stars in the sky. Finally, he painted Truntum’s motives with patience which made the king discourage his remarriage. Therefore, Truntum’s motives look like stars. It shown the creativity of Indonesian people doesn’t always come from good experience but also a bad one.

On the exhibition, Aryaduta Jakarta decided to have collaboration with Museum Seni Jakarta (Jakarta Arts Museum). “By this collaboration, Aryaduta Jakarta hopes that we could proudly show a part of Indonesian culture to all guest, especially foreigner guest. Also, in the future Aryaduta Jakarta would pleasantly be the venue for Museum Seni Jakarta to make a show event to present the Indonesian Culture. Because it matched to our vision to be an “Iconic Indonesian Hotel”, said Dirk Fischbach General Manager of Aryaduta Jakarta”.

Aryaduta Jakarta’s guest can enjoy the making of batik themselves or joining to explore the simple and exciting process of batik-making with a traditional artisan to bring home from your travels. “Not only Batik, but Museum Seni Jakarta also displayed the painting artwork from local artist and also showing their puppets collection to attract the guest that have interest besides batik fabrics. Also, the unique one is painting using the coffee as the primary material. Said Head of Museum Seni Jakarta Esti Utami.”

Lenggang Nyai dance as a part of guest entertainment on this event is one of the dance art of Betawi in Jakarta, which was inspired by the life story of Nyai Dasimah. The dance are expressed both the gracefulness and vivaciousness of the Betawi woman. Created by Wiwik Widiastuti in 1998, a choreographer from Yogyakarta, the Lenggang Nyai has become a popular part of the Betawi dance repertoire and is often shown at art and tourism events overseas.

The aim of this initiative is to encourage the communities to more proud with their cultural heritage and to value the story behind the making and the efforts required to protect and preserve it. The other is to show how much Indonesia have a great cultural legacy that deserves to show.

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