Bali & Beyond Travel Fair 2018

Exploring the Colours of Indonesia – the theme of the 5th BBTF 2018

Tourism growth in Indonesia was recorded as one of the best in the world and among the top 20 fastest growing travel destination which means that the nation’s growth rate is on par with the global standard. All efforts are choreographed by the Minister of Tourism and supported by Indonesia’s president who is committed to developing the tourism industry. Tourism has set as the nation’s leading sector, listed in the 2018 government work plan priority on Agriculture, Tourism and Fishery. Indonesia to become a global player by exposing untouched natural wealth, cultural arts and traditions across the country. The government is targeting 4 destinations to accommodate the new trend of nomadic tourism, eco-tourism as well as developing the Ten New Bali’s tourist destinations that are expected to par with Bali in attracting foreign tourists.

By 2019, the Ministry of Tourism has set the target to drive Indonesia to become a top 30 nations in the world (an increase of 12 levels) amongst all 141 nations in the Travel & Tourism Competitive Index by the World Economic Forum. By securing a position in the top 30, we will receive global recognition as a leading destination in the world. Tourism is destined to become the backbone of Indonesia’s economy. This year, there are three main focuses for the ministry namely; covering digital tourism, developing a tourist village homestay program and creating greater air travel accessibility. By focusing on these aspects, we will have the required leverage to boost our TTCI level. The change of trend itself is the move from holiday destination to a balance of work and leisure – we respond positively the growth of leisure economy and nomadic tourism.

In line with Indonesia envision, BALI & BEYOND TRAVEL FAIR (BBTF) 2018 announced this year theme of Exploring the Colors of Indonesia. BBTF will hosted speakers that address the opportunities, trends by the industry insights as well as highlight the diversity of Indonesia’s cultures. The mesmerizing dances, cultures, traditions and the tempting natural attractions from tall volcanoes, endless roll waves, long white sand beaches stretched, hundreds of winding rivers slicing green rice fields, virgin forests closing peaks to underwater beauty and hypnotic wild life from the west end to the east end, and more.

Renowned as Indonesia’s leading International Travel and Tourism Fair. BBTF brings sellers and buyers together in a single forum annually. This is the 5th year of BBTF – the event was initiated and organized by The Association of Indonesian Tours and Travel Agencies (ASITA) Bali chapter and until now is consider to be one of important Tourism fair in Indonesia. BBTF 2018 will be held at a prestigious leading convention and exhibition Centre from 26-30 June 2018 – Nusa Dua Convention Center (BNDCC) Bali – located within a secured beachfront enclave surrounded by many branded international hotels and resorts that are all within walking distance.

BBTF represents the full spectrum of tourism at all levels including the hospitality sector, tour operators or travel agencies, National Tourism Organizations, Convention and Visitors Bureaus, travel technology firms, MICE (meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions) and corporate travel representatives as well as regional’s new destinations.

“Our biggest challenge is to build a harmonious synergy between all entities, local authorities and all sectors, thus creating the “Indonesia Incorporated” concept”, the Minister of Tourism of Indonesia, Mr. Arief Yahya said. “The weak links have to be addressed and resolved immediately, by considering the Penta-helix model (based on five stakeholders – businesses, public administration, local residents, the knowledge sector and capital). The success of Bali & Beyond Travel Fair (BBTF) since being launched represents the Penta-helix synergy that we are working on. This further motivated us to fully support BBTF, with its outstanding track record and proven performance as Indonesia’s leading international travel fair.” he added.

“BALI & BEYOND TRAVEL FAIR 2018” is proud to take part in the growth of tourism in Indonesia and be recognized as Indonesia’s leading International Travel Fair. We have chosen the theme “Exploring the Colours of Indonesia” for this year’s event because we believe in Indonesia’s potential as Bali as the market place” I Ketut Ardana, the chairman of BBTF shared his thoughts. This year BBTF 2018 will have 225 buyers from 48 countries, 230 sellers including 3 new countries that will participate are Thailand, Vietnam and United Emirates Arab, 40 industries that will occupy the pavilion area which is hosted by Badung regency, 33 international media and 21 national media. BBTF 2018 will also host speakers who address the opportunities, trends and industry insights as well as highlight the diversity of Indonesia’s cultural heritage.

In BBTF 2018, DPD Asita Bali Chapter invited the Badung Regencyt as co-host. Head of Tourism Office of Badung Regency, I Made Badra in a press conference last April stated that his party is consistent in supporting the success of Bali and Beyond Travel Fair event. The support is realized through the allocation of organizational budget and promotion that touches Rp. 7 billion.

“So we allocate the budget from Badung Regional Budget (APBD) in 2018 that is seven billion more, so this activity is very beneficial for the Government of Badung Regency, which establishes tourism as the business core,” he said.

Not limited to the budget, Badung Regency Government has also designed Sasana Culture Building which is located in Badung Regency Government Center. The 15,000-capacity building is projected to be the main venue for the implementation of BBTF every year. “Now we can prepare BBTF activities no longer rent land, because this land (Sasana Budaya Building, red) we have prepared from this year, and will be finished in 2020. Well this activity will be the event yes, the biggest event BBTF it is to be funded by the Government of Badung Regency along with other tourism stakeholders. “he added.


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