Based on data from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, in 2020, Indonesia produced 67.8 tons of waste annually. Of course this causes many negative impacts on the environment and its ecosystem. One of the mitigation steps for environmental sustainability is the application of sustainable lifestyle and fashion.

To make Bali a center for sustainable lifestyle and fashion, the Bali In Your Hands movement and TBF Consultant, held a sustainable lifestyle and fashion event to help Bali Return, at the Maya Sanur hotel, on 24-25 June 2021.

“The application of a sustainable lifestyle is one of the steps to prevent environmental damage, which aims to be free of waste or zero waste. In addition, a sustainable lifestyle is a conservation effort that involves the process of production, consumption, reuse and recovery of products to packaging,” said Sandiaga Uno, Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, at the opening speech of the Bali Kembali Movement event.

The event was held for two days, featured a number of products made by Balinese entrepreneurs with business ethics based on sustainable fashion. Among them is the Amiga Bali brand which is developed by Rahmi Fajar Harini.

“Awareness and sensitivity to protecting the environment in Bali is very large, because all the impacts are felt directly. Sustainable fashion is very important to be applied to all stages of fashion production including material search, sample making, to packaging because all these stages can produce waste. We can contribute a lot in each of these stages,” said Rahmi, who is also one of the initiators of the Bali In Your Hands movement.

In addition to products made by Balinese entrepreneurs, the Bali Kembali Movement event also featured a series of local fashion products whose production process was carried out in Bali, under the auspices of TBF Consultant. These local brands include Harmonia, Studio Azra, hello! Lalua and Dinnaro.

“TBF Consultant has been actively incubating homeland fashion brands. Usually the owner of a fashion brand or those who just have an idea to launch their own fashion brand, will come to consult us. This is where we play a role so that the local fashion brands they establish have high competitiveness,” said Melinda Babyanna as CEO of TBF Consultant.

A number of actors and initiators of sustainable lifestyle and fashion such as Suzy Hutomo from The Body Shop who is also the senior advisor of Bali In Your Hands, dr. Luh Wayan Sriadi as founder of Putrimas Tenun, which empowers the Jembrana women’s weaver group and members of Bali In Your Hands; participated as a guest speaker at a panel discussion entitled “The Art of Sustainable Lifestyle & Fashion”.

“Making Bali a center for the production of sustainable lifestyle and fashion items is one of the missions of the Bali In Your Hands movement. We believe that the natural wealth and local cultural wisdom of Bali can make it a center for a sustainable lifestyle,” added Myrna Soeryo, one of the initiators of Bali In Your Hands.

The Bali In Your Hands movement, which carries out many MSME business development activities through digital platforms, will prepare members who are members of it to be able to optimally implement a sustainable lifestyle in every product line, ranging from fashion, crafts, culinary as well as hospitality and tourism. “We hope that after the pandemic decrease, in 2022, we can focus to develop more MSME entrepreneurs, to produce goods and services with sustainable principles. So that more goods and services from Bali MSME entrepreneurs can penetrate foreign markets that apply business ethics and sustainable lifestyles, such as countries in Western Europe,” concluded Nidya Gustianingsih, another initiator of Bali In Your Hands.

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