Sip & Savor: Unwind Cocktail Cabana Lounge at Alila Ubud

Perfectly nestled amidst Bali’s serene landscapes, Alila Ubud proudly unveils its newest gem – the Cocktail Cabana Lounge. More than just a lounge, it’s an ever-evolving mixology experience. Every day presents a unique cocktail creation, reflecting the season’s freshest offerings and curated exclusively by our expert bartenders. Each visit promises a distinct flavor journey, ensuring no two days at the Cocktail Cabana Lounge are ever the same.

Situated against the enchanting backdrop of the two-story-high Karangasem Terracotta Brick wall, the Cabana Lounge is where modern luxury encounters the tranquil beauty of nature. By day, it’s a sanctuary of peace, echoing the lush whispers of Ubud’s landscapes. But come twilight, it transforms, with ambient lighting casting an elegant glow, setting the stage for the night’s cocktail revelation.

Our mixologists, with their adept hands and intuitive understanding of flavors, craft daily cocktails that are as fleeting as they are memorable. Harnessing the day’s available ingredients, influenced by ever-changing seasons, they concoct beverages that are fresh, innovative, and truly unique to the moment. The premise is simple yet profound: today’s cocktail is an experience that can never be replicated tomorrow.

At Alila Ubud, the commitment to exceptional luxury and authentic Balinese charm is unwavering. The inauguration of the Cocktail Cabana Lounge epitomizes this ethos. It’s more than a lounge; it’s a daily discovery. Guests are invited to immerse themselves in this unique blend of flavors, nature, and artistry, with each cocktail telling a story of the day’s freshest bounty.

Settle into the inviting cabanas and let the beauty of Alila Ubud’s natural surroundings envelop you. As the soft glow of ambient lighting enhances the lush foliage, the lounge becomes an oasis of relaxation and connection. Whether you’re sharing stories with friends or enjoying a quiet moment of contemplation, the Cocktail Cabana Lounge at Alila Ubud is where flavors, nature, and tranquility converge in perfect harmony. Be it a midday respite or an evening of celebration, the lounge provides an environment where time slows, and the outside world recedes, allowing guests to savor each moment with unparalleled tranquility.

Immerse yourself in this enchanting experience and discover why the Cocktail Cabana Lounge at Alila Ubud is the new must-visit destination for those seeking a refined escape amidst the beauty of Bali.

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