Calming an Overactive Mind in Less than 10 Minutes

Sometimes it feels like you are no longer in control of your mind. Is your mind often shoving images and thoughts into your face, even ones that you would rather not see. Do you find yourself thinking about random things that disturb you, bother you, or torment your sleep? Read this article to quiet the mind.

1. Relax. Sorry, but that is the first step of gaining control of the mind. Sit quietly and focus on a natural sound. If your mind throws images in your face, let it. Stare at each image until it fades away. Force it to not bother you. The more upset you are with your mind, the more images your mind will throw at you. If a natural noise does not work and your mind is too loud, try focusing on a loud noise. Blast that music. Focus on a truck. Over power your mind.

2. Repeat to yourself that you are what you think. You are what you think. Your mind is powerful, but remember that you can control it. Repeat and believe this everyday and every time your mind churns out its little ideas and images. Eventually your mind will start to hesitate and then weaken, but you must believe that you are the master.

3. Do not give your mind too much of an opportunity to torment you. Distract yourself with reading, writing, drawing. If those things do not work distract yourself with people. Nothing heals you like a good friend whom you can talk with for hours. Pick up the phone or visit him or her. A good friend can distract you enough and those minutes or hours you spend with your friend will give you the strength you need to control your mind.

4. Pray to whomever you believe in. Ask for help when the mind troubles are too great. This can bring comfort in your darkest hours. This can also bring temporary relief, but you, ultimately must find a way to control your mind.

5. Remember that you used to have control of your mind. You just forgot how to do it. And remember, you are not alone.

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