Here are all the hotspots to sip and explore the world’s finest bars across awards season without going away Singapore,

World’s 50 Best Bars is just around the corner and the team at Campari Group is ready for Asia’s debut hosting of the ceremony with an exciting roster of guest shifts throughout the awards season. Roping in top bartenders who helm award-winning venues, drinkers can look forward to one-night-only opportunities to explore over 14 bars from across the
globe, matched with various local hotspots including Nutmeg & Clove, MO BAR, Nighthawk, Offtrack, Sago House and more, from 15 – 18 October

Below is the full list of bar takeovers presented by Campari Group Singapore:

1/ Sammy Junior x Flamingo Coffee Bar Boozy Brunch 

Featuring TBC bartender from Sammy Junior (Sydney, AU) 

Date: 15 October, 11am – 3pm 

Sunday afternoons are made for clinks over brunch and on 15 October, Flamingo Coffee Bar will be joining forces with Sammy Junior – Melbourne’s beloved coffee haunt and bar – for a special edition of their boozy brunch. Happening from 11am onwards, brunch seekers can look forward to day-time staples that include Garibaldi and Americano, with spirit-forward usuals like a Negroni or Boulevardier.

2/ Bar Leone Aperitivo at Fura* 

Featuring Lorenzo Antinori, Founder of Bar Leone (HK) 

Date: 15 October, 5pm – 9pm 

An established name in Asia’s bar circuit, Lorenzo has been making waves in Hong Kong since his big move in 2019. He started off at the helm of award-winning Caprice Bar, which peaked at No. 10 on Asia’s 50 Best Bars list under his leadership, followed by ARGO, which made a stunning debut at No. 3 on the prestigious Asia’s 50 Best Bars and No. 28 on the World’s 50 Best Bars list, in 2022. 

Now ready to move on to a venture of his own, Lorenzo recently opened Bar Leone to pay tribute to the craft of classic and modern cocktails with a strong Italian influence, inspired by his upbringing in Rome. 

Come 15 October, Lorenzo will be making an appearance at Fura where he will be merging the venue’s future-forward philosophy with his Italian flair with a spotlight on Campari.

3/Service Bar x Sago House* 

Featuring Chad Spangler and Christine Kim from Service Bar (Washington DC, USA) Date: 15 October, 7pm onwards 

Over at the Sago House, a bartending representative from Service Bar, #33 of North America’s 50 Best Bars will be showcasing their brand of no-frills, unpretentious but outstanding cocktails. Known for their easy-going drink combos that befits the laid back vibe of Sago House, imbibers looking to kick back can look forward to smashable sips for every mood that capitalise on Campari’s iconic bittersweetness. 

4/ Sip, Savour & Swing: Official 50 Best Signature Selections by The Nutmeg Collective Featuring bartenders from Café La Trova (US), Scarfes Bar(UK), Bar High Five(JP) Date: 15 October, 8pm onwards Come 15 October, the folks of Nutmeg Collective will be holding three guest bartender takeovers with esteemed mixologists from award-winning bars from Café La Trova (US), Scarfes Bar (UK) and the legendary Ueno San of Bar High Five (JP). Titled Sip, Savour & Swing, the night is exactly as suggested with a programming of crafted cocktails and bar bites against a backdrop of live music – with different guests and performers spread across Nutmeg & Clove, Last Word and the newly opened Room 0202:

● Nutmeg & Clove: Cocktails by Julio Cabrera from Café La Trova (US) and Latino tunes by DJ AKA sounds 

● Last Word: Cocktails by Martin Ciska & Yann Bouvvignies from Scarfes Bar (UK), live Jazz performances by Soukma 

● Room 0202: Cocktail Omakase by Hidetsugu Oeno from Bar High Five (JP)

● All outlets will feature a special bar bites menu by LG Han of Labyrinth 

5/ Camparino in Galleria Takeover at MO BAR* 

Featuring Tommaso Cecca, Bar Manager of Camparino in Galleria (Milan, IT) Dates: 16 October, 9pm onwards 

A guest bartender takeover for the true fans of the Italian aperitif tradition, Camparino in Galleria is best known as the Milanese institution that birthed the now globally-known Aperitivo ritual. Known as the unbeatable spot to indulge in Italian classics such as the Negroni, Sbagliato and Americano, the iconic bar was recently renovated and earned the accolade of being the 27th Bar on World’s 50 Best Bars 2022. 

This awards season, Campari Group has invited Bar Manager and Head of Mixology, Tommaso Cecca for a guest shift at MO BAR. An integral member that has propelled the bar to critical acclaim with his zest for delivering Italian-forward cocktails, drinkers can expect nothing short of true classics for this one night only event. 

6/ Caretakers Cottage x Offtrack* 

Featuring Rob Libecans, Matthew Stirling and Ryan Noreiks of Caretakers Cottage (Melbourne, AU) 

Date: 16 October, 8pm onwards 

Perfectly executed drinks, cool tunes and good vibes – these are the three defining traits that tie Melbourne’s Caretakers Cottage with Singapore’s very own Offtrack. Coming together to form the ultimate crew with DJ Oscar O’ Bryan who has bewitched Melbourne’s underground club scene with ‘emotional’ house music, cocktail enthusiasts in search of a fun night will be in for a double whammy of smart drinks and music that will make one groove. 

7/ Danico x CMYK at Nighthawk 

Featuring Corentin Gaudin (Bar Manager) and Clément Bendaoud (Senior Barman) from Danico (Paris, FR) and CMYK Bar (Hunan, CH) 

Date: 16 October, 9pm onwards 

At the inconspicuous corner of Tanjong Pagar, Nighthawk will be hosting a concurrent showcase of east and west with bartenders from Paris’ Danico and Hunan’s CMYK Bar. Happening in collaboration with Edrington Group, drinkers can expect exceptional custom-made cocktails with surprising elements that mirror Nighthawk’s usual programming. 

8/ Chaos in the Coop at Neon Pigeon 

Featuring Patrick Pistolesi from Drink Kong (Rome, IT), Iain McPherson from Panda & Son (Edinburgh, UK), Sebastian De la Cruz + Arron Grendon from Tropic City (TH) Date: 18 October, 9pm onwards 

Concluding with a midweek madness like no other, the team at Neon Pigeon is set for a chaotic night of craft cocktails. Gathering industry friends from various award-winning bars that blend seamlessly with Neon Pigeon’s vibrant energy, each guest bartender will be taking turns to dole out creative cocktails that encapsulate respective identities from 9pm till late. 

9/ Worlds’ 50 Best Bars Signature Event x Freni e Frizioni at MO BAR 

Featuring Riccardo Rossi from Freni e Frizioni (Rome, IT) 

Date: 18 October, 8pm onwards 

Following the day after the awards ceremony at MO BAR, Riccardo Rossi, Head Bartender and Co-founder of Freni e Frizioni will be showcasing his improvisational skills responsible for propelling the bar into one of Rome’s most popular spots to sip cocktails. With its current standing (#86), cocktail lovers can expect libations that are meticulously crafted with a flair of mixing and matching flavours at whim, but based on instinct. 

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