Weight loss is a complicated process. It’s not exactly the same for everyone, and for many people it’s not an easy feat to accomplish. Add to this that your brain doesn’t like change, it will actively fight against big changes. You’ll crave foods, make yourself too busy and so on.

So how do you start getting healthier? How do you change old habits, from eating too much to drinking sodas and sweet coffee drinks to being inactive?

You make one change. A little one.

For me personally it was a few very short workouts per week. Just 10-15 minute workouts. After a while this prompted me to make small changes to my diet (no sugary drinks), and then longer workouts and so on.

One small change leads to another and it snowballs. The trick is to just start.

So then, what should you change? Well, you know yourself better than I do and really anything that is positive is good. Here are two examples you can try.

EAT MORE VEGETABLES. Go out today and buy more vegetable. Eat them raw, steam them as side dishes for lunch and dinner, puree them and put them into your usual recipes, eat a salad. Start somewhere and slowly add more each week.

DRINK WATER. It is all too easy to consume lots of extra calories as soda, beer, smoothies, shakes and juices. None of those are necessary and do nothing except add extra sugar, fat and calories to your diet. Water is revitalizing and has no calories. Tea without milk or sugar works too, as does coffee, but keep in mind that they may contain caffeine.

Now go out and make that change. Take one step. Do something easy and do it today. Make a list of your favorite vegetables or find a tasty recipe or two that incorporates more vegetables. Fill a thermos with water and take it with you. Invest in a fancy reusable water bottle. Get rid of the sodas in your fridge.

Just pick one thing and actually do it. You’re on the road to being lean and healthy.

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