Cicada Luxury Resort Ubud: Embracing Nature, Culture, and Sustainable Luxury

Nestled within the lush, verdant jungle of Ubud, Cicada Luxury Resort Ubud offers discerning travelers a truly rejuvenating experience. Since its establishment in 2015, this flagship project has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to sustainability and the preservation of local heritage.


Inspired by the natural symphony of cicadas, known locally as “tonggeret,” the resort’s serene ambiance provides guests with a sense of calm and revitalization. “This connection to nature is central to our experience, offering tranquility and rejuvenation. The presence of cicadas symbolizes the natural beauty and cultural richness of our environment, deepening our guest’s connection to local heritage,” explained Jessica, the owner of Cicada Resort Ubud. “Our goal at Cicada Luxury Resort Ubud is to create a sanctuary where sustainability and local culture thrive, offering our guests a truly rejuvenating experience amidst nature,” she added.



Accommodations at Cicada Luxury Resort Ubud immerse guests in the beauty of the natural world. Experience elevated luxury in exquisite, spacious suites ranging from 66 to 77 square meters. For an even more exclusive stay, the 142 square meter private villa offers a unique concept with a private infinity pool. Here, guests can relax and soak in the tranquility while overlooking the lush jungle, and enjoy the convenience of a walk-in closet.

One of the resort’s highlights is the hot tub jacuzzi, where guests can unwind late into the night without worrying about the weather. This feature allows for a truly relaxing experience, no matter the time of day.


Sustainability is at the heart of Cicada’s ethos. The resort supports local products, employs local resources, and preserves the natural environment, ensuring a harmonious coexistence between luxury and ecological responsibility.

The resort’s zero-waste dining approach at its Tangelo Contemporary Cuisine restaurant further exemplifies this commitment, with a menu that celebrates the region’s agricultural heritage and international flavors. “Our restaurant, Tangelo, inspired by tangerine and pomelo fruits, reflects our proximity to Kintamani Mountain, renowned for its orange production. Tangelo’s fine dining experience incorporates a variety of oranges into its dishes, celebrating both international flavors and the region’s agricultural heritage,” explained William Tanuwidjaja, founder of Cicada Resort Ubud.



As Cicada Luxury Resort Ubud prepares to join the Marriott International family, it sets a new benchmark for luxury resorts by blending elevated experiences with a deep respect for the local culture and environment. The resort’s vision of creating a sanctuary where sustainability and local heritage thrive is a testament to its unwavering dedication to providing guests with a truly rejuvenating and enriching experience.

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