Distressing living conditions can put people under extreme pressure, until they may feel exhausted and empty. Problems caused by stress at work are a common cause for being signed off sick.

Urban people in this era does not have complex problem either than their parents, when they were young. This Y generation has good education, self-contained facility, and they are a frequently overseas traveller. Yet, why in their young age they experienced the burnout?

When recently you feel overworked or under-challenge, being pressured and unable to cope, some refer to it as ennui, or simply call it burnout. It defines a condition when people feel emotional exhausted, feeling you have had enough of everything. Many people have trouble with burnout when they feel tired or obligated about something. The truth is, everyone has things that they might not enjoy doing but are required to do to maintain their current life situation.

How come ?

The Y generation, namely the millennium generation, lives in convenience condition, with the result is they has less endurance than previous generation. This millennium generation loves freedom, unlike strict rules, until when they feel unsatisfied and under pressure, burnout comes easily. That is why employee turn over is dominate at this age. Other reason is, many of manager arise in un-mature age and unable to handle task with high complexity. They do not have well enough managerial skill, with extreme burden when it is not suitable with their competency, finally it caused physically and mental exhaustion. As the day went on, they became overwhelmed with the feelings of loneliness, despair and fear.

Burnout Symptoms

  • Emotional Exhaustion. You are hopeless, empty, and dispirited. This is chronic condition when you reluctant to face the workday.
  • Depersonalization and cynicism. Loosing idealism, act negative and cynical with work and colleagues.
  • Work motivation degradation. Start apathetic about working condition, and being trap in monotonous and terrible working atmosphere.

Woman mostly experienced

Woman has to work harder than men, as their competitor in the work place. At the same time they (specially married & having kids) has prime responsibility at home.

On the other hand, man more easier to avoid the burnout, because men know how to use time in their free time, it is worth to relieve stressed. Meanwhile, woman has guilty feelings to do the same. Woman afraid judged as sluggard and unproductive person if have a little quality time. They also worries they would not finish the task, if they wasting time for relax at the office.

Recharge Yourself

If it were to happen to you, was ‘to resign’ is the only way out? Maybe not. If you can still survive, it is better for you to take long holidays. The work-life balance company will suggest their employee to take a long vacation. It is mean to bring back work enthusiasm. If somebody proud for them self, that never take long holidays, actually is not a good condition.

However, if you assumed that you no longer able to survive or unsuitable with the work you had done, it might be the right time for you to change the job or move to another company. It will better to you to think deeply, before the same case come to you as continuous cycle.

How to Deal with The Burnout ?

Give the best.
Your job right now maybe not your dream job, but you have to try to the max. Positive attitude and professionalism bring you to your dream career.

STOP self-compare
Envy with you colleague, whom work in multinational company and doing business travel often? Forget them. Self-comparing and un-useful feelings make you unhappy and terrible.

It’s OK to say NO
workers whom enforce themselves to discover all the duty, has high risk to be burnout. Remember, when you task already overload, you entitled to say “NO” for the new assignment.

Outside Activity
Develop your personal identity by increasing your networking and doing your hobby. Your identity not only formed by job, but with other positive and helpful activity.

Take Holidays!
Considering the research, 48% workers feels happier and more positive attitude toward their job, after a long holiday. Anyway, you deserve it !

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