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Disciples Escoffier Indonesia Celebrates Culinary Excellence with Young Talent Escoffier Competition

Excitement reverberates through the culinary realm as Disciples Escoffier Indonesia association unveils the outcomes of the eagerly anticipated Young Talent Escoffier culinary contest held on May 3rd, 2024, at Politeknik International Bali. This event, renowned as a platform for budding culinary talents to showcase their gastronomic skills, unfolded as a captivating spectacle of culinary finesse and inventive flair.


Disciples Escoffier Indonesia, an esteemed non-profit organization affiliated with Disciples Escoffier International, traces its origins to Nice, the culinary hub, in 1954. Dedicated to preserving the art of culinary craftsmanship and fostering knowledge transfer, the association upholds the esteemed legacy of Auguste Escoffier in classic French cuisine while championing a spirit of innovation. Among the founding members of the Indonesian chapter are notable chefs like Gilles Marx of Amuz Jkt, Stefu Santoso of Aprez Jkt, Chris Salans of Mozaic Bali, Alexander Chong of The Laguna Bali, Justin Maute of Maya Bali, and Aurelien Del Rio of Warung Gouthe Bali.



The heart of the competition beats with the essence of classic French cuisine, echoing the principles cherished by Disciples Escoffier. Contestants were challenged to craft a culinary masterpiece: red snapper stuffed in a puffed pastry crust, an emblematic dish steeped in the rich tradition of French gastronomy. With a time constraint of 3 hours and 30 minutes, participants demonstrated their finest technical skills and creative prowess to impress the discerning panel of judges.

In addition to the classic French cuisine challenge, contestants faced a contemporary twist – an “Imperatrice Rice Pudding,” a fusion of innovation and tradition that reflects the evolving landscape of modern gastronomy.



The panel of distinguished judges, including honorary judges Hans Christian of August Jakarta restaurant (Asia’s 50 Best Restaurant 2024), Jean-Yves Leuranguer, and Fabrice Prochasson, both Meilleur Ouvrier de France (Best Craftman of France), brought a wealth of culinary expertise to the event, providing invaluable insight and critique to the aspiring young talents.

Hans Christian remarked, “It is inspiring to witness the passion and dedication of these young chefs in this competition; the support for this platform is crucial to nurture the enthusiasm of the younger generations.”


The stakes were high as the winner of the competition earns the privilege of representing Indonesia at the Asia Pacific Finals in 2025, paving the way to the ultimate culinary stage—the World Finals in France in 2026. Following in the footsteps of culinary luminaries like Chef Kadek from Kempinski Bali, who will represent Indonesia and Asia at the upcoming Young Talents Escoffier World Final in Paris, this journey promises unparalleled growth and recognition for the victor.



In a thrilling culmination, I Wayan Nara from Kempinski Hotel claimed the top spot, with Michael Samuel from Umana Hotel securing second place and Calvin Suciawan from Bonito restaurant taking third. All nine contestants received a trove of prizes and heartfelt appreciation from the jury and their peers.


The Disciples Escoffier Association aims to champion culinary excellence worldwide and in Indonesia by uniting people to celebrate French cuisine through culinary contests, educational initiatives in culinary schools, fundraising charity events, and gastronomic feasts. The association welcomes all who share its vision and mission to join in promoting culinary mastery and cultural appreciation.

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