Discover Serenity and Tradition: Alila Ubud’s Exclusive Balinese Cultural Retreat

At Alila Ubud, immerse yourself in Balinese culture with exclusive field experiences that connect you with the island’s agricultural heritage. Guided by local experts, explore the importance of these fields in local traditions and the thoughtful philosophy behind each farming activity.


Begin your journey at dawn, as the fields awaken and the morning mist dances over the landscape. Alila Ubud knowledgeable guides will lead you through the lush, green expanse, sharing stories of the land and traditional techniques that sustain the local communities. Each step is a walk through history, where the earth’s bounty is cultivated with care.


Start with a peaceful rice paddy walk, where the Alila Ubud Leisure Concierge will explain the story of Bali’s essential paddy fields and the ingenious Subak irrigation system. Learn about the farmers’ morning rituals and witness their dedication firsthand. The journey then leads to a traditional breakfast, a communal affair in a quaint bale “Kubu.” Here, amidst the green fields, farmers gather to share a meal, their eyes reflecting the morning sun over the paddies.


After breakfast, engage in the ancient practice of planting rice fields. Guides will explain traditional farming methods, including the age of the baby seeds and the unique technique of planting backwards. Each detail reflects the wisdom passed down through generations, ensuring the land thrives sustainably. As the sun reaches its peak, enjoy a traditional Balinese lunch in the cozy confines of the Kubu. The island’s fresh, vibrant flavors celebrate the land’s bounty and set the stage for the day’s concluding ritual.



In keeping with tradition, women provide a gentle massage to the farmers after lunch, a gesture of care and community. Guests are then invited to SPA Alila, where tranquility awaits. After a rewarding day in the fields, indulge in a rejuvenating session drawing on ancient Balinese healing traditions. Let the serene ambiance of the spa at Alila Ubud envelop you, restoring balance to both body and mind.


This unique experience at Alila Ubud offers more than just a glimpse into the agricultural life of Bali—it is an invitation to connect deeply with the essence of the island. Celebrate the bond between nature and culture, and leave with a renewed sense of serenity and insight.

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