Discover the Healing Touch of Balian Healer Mr. Parna at Alila Manggis

Alila Manggis is proud to introduce a unique healing experience with Mr. Parna, a revered Balian healer from Desa Jasri. Born in a village steeped in tradition, 54-year-old Mr. Parna brings an extraordinary approach to massage healing that has captivated the local community and guests alike.


Mr. Parna began his journey in massage healing in 2005, following in the footsteps of his mother, a respected midwife in their village. Unlike many traditional healers, Mr. Parna’s technique does not involve mantras or rituals. Instead, he relies purely on his intuitive touch and deep understanding of the human body. By observing the gestures of his guests or through their descriptions of discomfort, he is able to identify and address their physical ailments effectively.


One of the unique aspects of Mr. Parna’s practice is his profound ability to heal without the need for verbal communication. Although he does not speak English, his exceptional skills transcend language barriers. His treatments are guided by the information guests provide about their physical issues, allowing him to deliver targeted and effective healing.


Mr. Parna’s journey with Alila Manggis began when he first provided a massage to Mr. Jordy, the General Manager. Impressed by the profound impact of the treatment, Mr. Jordy endorsed Mr. Parna’s inclusion in the wellness offerings at Alila Manggis. Unlike many healers who work across various establishments, Mr. Parna’s exclusive partnership with Alila Manggis ensures that guests receive a unique and unparalleled healing experience.


Despite his humble nature and traditional background, Mr. Parna does not ride a motorcycle and remains a local treasure, unassociated with other hotels. His presence at Alila Manggis is a testament to the resort’s commitment to offering authentic and culturally rich experiences to its guests.


Guests at Alila Manggis are invited to experience the remarkable healing touch of Mr. Parna, a local treasure whose intuitive massage techniques offer profound benefits. This exclusive opportunity to engage with a healer of such unique skill and authenticity adds a deeply enriching dimension to the resort’s wellness offerings, ensuring an unforgettable and transformative experience.

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