Discover Your Summer Sanctuary: Exclusive Vacation Deal at Arkamara Dijiwa Ubud

Escape to the enchanting landscapes of Ubud next holiday season with an exclusive vacation deal at Arkamara Dijiwa Ubud, where luxury meets culture in the heart of Bali. Nestled amid lush greenery, Arkamara Dijiwa Ubud offers a unique blend of traditional Balinese hospitality and modern luxury, making it the perfect getaway for those looking to unwind in style.


At Arkamara Dijiwa Ubud, every day brings a new opportunity for adventure, relaxation, and cultural immersion. Our curated selection of activities is designed to cater to guests of all ages and interests, ensuring that each moment of your stay is memorable. 


  • Morning Rice Paddies Trekking: Greet the day with a refreshing trek through Ubud’s iconic rice paddies. This invigorating morning walk showcases the natural beauty and tranquil scenery that Bali is famous for.


  • Yoga Class: Align your body and spirit with a morning yoga class. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced yogi, our classes offer a serene environment to enhance your practice, surrounded by lush Ubud landscapes.


  • Canang Sari Making: Dive into Balinese culture with our Canang Sari making workshop. Learn to create these beautiful offerings that are an essential part of daily life in Bali.


  • Balinese Instrument – Rindik Class: Discover the melodious sounds of the Rindik, a traditional Balinese bamboo instrument. Get hands-on experience under the guidance of local musicians.


  • Making Balinese Boreh: Participate in a workshop where you’ll learn to make Boreh, a traditional Balinese herbal scrub. This ancient remedy is perfect for rejuvenation and will enhance your natural glow.


  • Balinese Dance Class: Embrace the grace and beauty of Balinese dance. Our expert instructors will guide you through the intricate movements that tell the stories of Bali’s rich cultural heritage.


  • Mixology Class at Juggan Sky: Elevate your day with a mixology class at the spectacular Juggan Sky, where you can learn the art of cocktail making with a tropical twist.

For those looking to delve deeper into Balinese culture and arts, we offer additional classes:


  • Cooking Class: Learn the secrets of Balinese cuisine from our expert chefs. This hands-on class will teach you to prepare traditional dishes using fresh, local ingredients.
  • Painting Class: Unleash your creativity in a painting class that captures the vibrant colors and scenes of Ubud.


With its idyllic setting, exceptional amenities, and a host of complimentary offerings, Arkamara Dijiwa Ubud is the perfect destination for your holiday. Whether you’re planning a romantic getaway or a solo journey of self-discovery, we invite you to experience the magic of Ubud with us. Discover more and reserve your vacation journey at this link. Embrace the spirit of Bali and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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