Entering its Third Year, the GabScholar 2024 Scholarship Program Offers Opportunities to Thousands of Students Nationwide

Entering its third year, the GrabScholar Scholarship Program once again offers opportunities to thousands of students at various educational levels–from elementary to high school and university (Bachelor’s/Diploma 4) across Indonesia. Registration for the 2024 GrabScholar Scholarship Program opened on June 20, 2024 until June 30, 2024 and is available to Grab partners, their families, and the general public.


In collaboration with BenihBaik.com, Grab provides support in the form of educational funding, living expenses, and internship opportunities at Grab for selected participants. Similar to previous years, this program is part of the Grab Endowment Appreciation Program (Program Apresiasi Dana Abadi Grab), which aims to honor and appreciate individuals contributing significantly to the transportation sector (Transportation Warriors) and SMEs (SME Warriors) in Indonesia, including Grab partners.


Neneng Goenadi, Country Managing Director, Grab Indonesia, stated, “We believe that education is the best investment for the future. This has been the rationale behind us consistently running the GrabScholar Scholarship Program which has been happening for 3 consecutive years. Since its first launch, we have received over 35,000 applications from students across Indonesia. This number indicates the enthusiasm of the community and is a positive sign of the perseverance of Indonesia’s young generation to continue learning and pursuing their individual


dreams. We hope this program will help our young generations to get equal access to education.” The persistence of scholarship recipients to achieve a higher level of education is also reflected in the efforts made by David Neilleen Irvinne, a 2023 GrabScholar Scholarship recipient currently in his second year studying at Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) in Yogyakarta, serves as a prime example. “Since childhood, I aspired to become a programmer to create innovations that could help many people. Initially, I doubted whether I could make this dream come true due to a high cost, but the GrabScholar Scholarship Program helped me take a significant step forward in achieving it. With the funding for my 4-year of education and living expenses, I do not have to think about my course fees and can save up to buy a new laptop to support me during an upcoming programming competition,” shared David.


For more information regarding scholarship registration, selection stages, criteria, and other details, please visit the website managed by BenihBaik.com, entitled GrabScholar: Program Beasiswa Grab.

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