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The best Indonesian dining in Bali

Spoil your senses in Tugu’s seductive, exotic atmosphere as you indulge in the islands’ most authentic culinary experience that transports you to the romantic eras of Indonesian history. Immerse in the flavors from the melting pot of cultures across the Indonesian archipelago at the majestic world of Tugu.

When you dine at Tugu,travel back through time hundreds of years, and discover the different eras, places, as well as long-ago experiences of Indonesia through our cuisine.

From the Grand Rijsttafel made only from the freshest, most exotic ingredients and prepared according to traditional recipes that were only ever handed from generation to generation by word of mouth. To the ensemble of 12 servers, serving out this exquisite display of richness of spices in the newly renovated Bale Puputan and most complete museum in Bali. This Bale commemorates all Balinese heroes who sacrificed their lives in preference to facing the humiliation of surrender during the Puputan Wars, the “Battle to the Last Man” i.e. the Puputan of Badung in 1906 and in Klunkung 1908, when the Balinese were being subjugated by the Dutch.

This royal chamber, now decorated with even more antiques of venerable Balinese royalty, some from the 19th century and some related to Bale Puputan, evokes the history, the ideals and faith of the Balinese, giving it a dramatic atmosphere, and making it the perfect setting for a royal feast such as our Royal Tugudom dinner. The grand ceremonial dining of majapahit kingdom.

Sample the famous Nasi Campur Bali well-known all over the island. Each region has its own characteristic Nasi Campur, at Tugu, the recipe originated from Anak Agung Istri Mahawati, member of the Pemecutan royal family. Or explore the taste of Java with our Nasi Rendang Jawa, braised beef tenderloin slices in an Indonesian herbs and spices reduction of red chili, ginger, turmeric, lemongrass and coconut milk served with stir-fried vegetables, giant homemade peanut crackers and steamed rice. All inspired by our Indonesian chef, Iboe Soelastri, who began her journey of cooking with her grandmother when she was just four years old and has since cooked for famed Indonesian presidents.

Hotel Tugu Bali is a place where, upon entering, one is transported to the most romantic times of Bali. Hotel Tugu Bali was built upon a passion for the romantic beauty of the art, history and culture of Bali specifically and Indonesia in general. A vast collection of priceless Indonesian antiques and artworks adorn the hotel, blending pure tropical luxury with an out-of-the-ordinary ambience.

Tugu dining is a world apart from any other experience in Indonesia; it opens the doors to a glimpse into the beautiful simplicity and the exotic richness of Indonesian dining and cooking culture.


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Hotel Tugu Bali
Jl. Pantai Batu Bolong • Canggu Beach • Bali • Indonesia

+62 361 4731 702 
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