Experience Bali’s Unmissable New Dining and Bar Hotspots of 2024

As the vibrant summer of Bali approaches, the island’s culinary landscape is poised to sizzle with an electrifying array of new restaurants, bars, and hotspots that promise to redefine your dining experience in 2024. Whether you’re planning an elaborate travel itinerary or simply meandering through the enchanting streets of Bali, these newly minted venues are an absolute must-visit.


Prepare to have your senses ignited and your palate delighted as we unveil our meticulously curated list of the most anticipated openings. Here in Bali, immerse yourself in the burgeoning dining scene, savor the finest cuisine, and sip on innovative cocktails. Each location offers a unique ambiance and exquisite flavors that ensure every visit is a memorable culinary adventure. Join us as we explore these extraordinary destinations that are set to become the highlights of your Bali journey.


TUJU Tropic Club & Lounge

TUJU Tropic Club & Lounge is set to welcome guests on July 17th, 2024. This charming new oasis in Bali effortlessly blends modern elegance with the island’s natural beauty, offering a serene escape just moments from the town’s lively atmosphere. Whether you’re seeking relaxation or adventure, TUJU Tropic Club & Lounge promises a retreat like no other.


The venue features a cozy restaurant serving delightful cuisine, two inviting pools—the main pool and the more intimate nest pool—and a secluded jungle lounge that invites you to unwind amidst lush greenery. With a variety of settings to choose from, TUJU Tropic Club & Lounge caters to all your desires, providing the perfect backdrop for both relaxation and fun. Whether you’re enjoying a leisurely meal, taking a refreshing dip, or sipping on a crafted cocktail in the hidden jungle lounge, every moment here is designed to enhance your experience and immerse you in the charming beauty of Ubud.



Guests can enjoy progressive-modern cuisine and Asian-Mediterranean fusion dishes, paired with refreshing summer-inspired beverages. The Jungle Lounge stands out with its glamorous and innovative cocktails, adding to the venue’s allure. Experience live DJ performances and contemporary dance shows under the enchanting glow of the full moon, making TUJU Tropic Club & Lounge a destination for both relaxation and vibrant entertainment.

Visit: TUJU Tropic Club & Lounge




Lounge In The Sky

Elevate your dining experience to new heights, literally, at Lounge in The Sky. This unique and adrenaline-inducing venue will transport you up to 50 meters amidst the clouds, providing a breathtaking 360-degree panoramic view that will leave you in awe.

Visit : Lounge In The Sky Bali



The Roof

Introducing THE ROOF, a new addition to Ubud’s vibrant bar scene, offering a sophisticated exploration of craft and bespoke cocktails. Embodying the intimate spirit of a speakeasy with a contemporary and elegant twist, THE ROOF invites patrons to indulge in an intimate and atmospheric experience after hours.

Adventurous customers can savor specialty cocktails such as the “Chili Crush,” blending spicy, sour, and sweet notes, or the “Love Poison,” a gin-based cocktail infused with kecombrang, also known as ginger torch flower, for those eager to explore traditional ingredients. Crowd favorites include the Tipsy Jamu, boasting a sour, fresh, and herbaceous flavor with spices, ginger, vanilla, kencur, rosemary, and palm sugar—an inventive twist on the classic Indonesian jamu.



A must-try at THE ROOF is the Monkey Business, a bittersweet cocktail made with banana-infused bourbon, wild cherry, citrus, and chocolate bitters, all imbued with a subtle smokiness that adds to its allure.




Elevate Rooftop Bar

Elevate Rooftop Bar, nestled within the Element by Westin in Ubud, transforms a once-neglected rooftop space into a captivating destination, inspiring guests with its story of growth and renewal. Opening this July 2024, Elevate ar Bali New Dining & Bar 2024, strives to become Ubud’s premier social spot, dedicated to delivering exceptional service, a refined ambiance, and breathtaking views.

Transitioning seamlessly from golden hour to nightfall, the venue offers a unique and memorable experience, attracting a diverse crowd that appreciates crafted cocktails, gourmet bites, and a stylish yet lively atmosphere. With meticulous attention to detail, Elevate aims to set a new standard for rooftop bars in the area, ensuring every guest feels like the star of the evening.

Visit: Elevate Rooftop Bar




Café Kitsuné Bali

Straight from Paris, Café Kitsuné has arrived in Bali at Desa Kitsuné. This new spot marries the simplistic beauty of intimate coffee bars with Parisian flair. Café Kitsuné offers a range of pastries and quality coffee that pay tribute to the pleasure of enjoying a good brew.


Visit: Café Kitsuné at Desa Kitsuné Bali




FU House Seminyak

FU House offers a Thai-inspired menu influenced by smoke, wood-fire grilling, and fermentation. This new spot focuses on ancient recipes and traditional cooking methods, complemented by a selection of cocktails and natural wines. The dishes are inspired by a culinary journey through ancient cookbooks and the wisdom of Thai people.

Visit: FU House Seminyak





Nestled in the bustling streets of Jalan Raya Ubud, SALA Bistro arrives in Bali’s cultural center in style. They opened their doors in Sanur in 2017 and quickly became the neighborhood favorite for brunch, families, and their daily dose of coffee. As the new restaurant in town, SALA stands out with an extensive menu.  SALA Ubud presents an extensive menu that feels like home for travelers while offering Asian comfort food for locals and curious diners. Designed by BlancoStudio, the new Ubud location echoes the cozy, familial atmosphere of their Sanur branch, but with a unique twist that makes it distinctly its own. SALA Ubud serves a variety of healthy and wholesome dishes that don’t skimp on flavor, alongside a delightful array of freshly baked goods and sweet treats. Ubud-exclusive menu items, such as hot and fresh oven-baked pizzas, add to the charm of this inviting eatery. SALA’s signature coffee, sourced from Bali’s renowned Seniman Coffee, is a crowd favorite.

Visit: SALA Ubud




Juggan Sky

Juggan Sky, an eclectic beer garden nestled within the lush, verdant jungle of Ubud, Juggan Sky offers a truly unique experience for beer and cocktail enthusiasts. This vibrant spot boasts a diverse selection of craft brews, carefully curated to appeal to a wide range of palates. Their artisan cocktails are crafted with precision and creativity, promising an unforgettable drinking experience amidst the serene natural surroundings.



The menu at Juggan Sky features several must-try items that are sure to delight your taste buds. The Maple Bacon Burger is a standout, combining savory and sweet flavors in perfect harmony, while the Tasmanian Salmon offers a delectable taste of the sea, prepared with the freshest ingredients. Additionally, Juggan Sky pays homage to classic cocktails with their expertly made Negroni, ensuring that both traditionalists and adventurers find something to savor in this jungle oasis.

Visit: Juggan Sky





Ina Ré brings Mediterranean and Latin-inspired dining to Canggu. Located inside Desa Kitsuné, this spot is perfect for foodies. The menu is designed to share with plenty of small plate options, their must-try dishes include the signature tomahawk, paella, pumpkin agnolotti, and wood-fired octospus, paired with inventive cocktails like The Smokey Dancer.


Visit: INARÉ




Chupacabras & Arriba Bali

The newest dining destinations, Arriba and Chupacabras, have opened in the heart of Sayan. These two complementary culinary gems offer a sensory journey through flavors and atmospheres, making them must-visit spots in Bali for food and cocktail enthusiasts.


Guests arrive via a hill lined with lantern lights and lush greenery, leading them deeper into the mystic jungle until they reach the main lobby area. Arriba is a quintessential cocktail bar where Latin-American spirits take center stage. The bar’s signature cocktails blend locally-sourced ingredients from Indonesia with premium Latin-American spirits. One highlight is the Klepon Colada, a playful twist on the classic pina colada, featuring white rum, homemade coconut mix, and pandan brown sugar syrup, infused with the essence of klepon, a traditional Indonesian sweet snack.



Chupacabras, inspired by the mythical South American creature known for its love of fine meats, offers a culinary journey through South American flavors. The menu highlights premium meat cuts served with a contemporary twist and a hint of Indonesian flair. A standout dish is the Wagyu Flank Steak, cooked to each guest’s preferred doneness, celebrating the bold flavors and smokiness of grilled premium meats.

Visit: Chupacabras Bali




Cretya Lite The Extension

Cretya Lite The Extension in Ubud offers a delightful fusion of Mediterranean flavors, drawing inspiration from Greece, Italy, Spain, and Turkey. This restaurant guarantees a distinctive dining experience that captures the essence of these rich culinary traditions.

The restaurant prides itself on sourcing fresh, locally grown ingredients to support nearby farmers, ensuring an authentic burst of flavors in every dish. From the iconic The Flank Wagyu, Grilled King Prawns, and Lamb Shank to Italian pasta, each item is meticulously prepared with a local touch, promising an unforgettable culinary journey.



Beyond honoring tradition, Cretya Lite The Extension embraces culinary innovation with seasonal specials and creative reinterpretations of classic dishes. Culinary events and workshops further enrich the dining experience, providing patrons an opportunity to engage with the talented chefs behind the scenes.

Visit: Cretya Lite Extension





After Rock Bali

AYANA Bali, the island’s largest integrated resort, proudly announces the grand opening of After Rock, the latest addition to its prestigious collection of dining and entertainment venues. Spanning six distinct areas, including stylish lounges, a dynamic stage, and a spacious dance floor, this state-of-the-art two-story building is poised to establish itself as South Bali’s premier nightlife destination. It promises unparalleled experiences in entertainment, cocktails, cuisine, and overall ambiance.

Nestled within Ayana Resort Bali, After Rock Bali is a luxurious lounge renowned for its crafted cocktails and live entertainment. Signature drinks such as the Truffle Fusion and Rhythm of After Rock complement the elegant ambiance, making it a must-visit destination for an unforgettable evening.

Visit: After Rock Bali



Manggar Canggu

Tradition and innovation collide at Manggar Bali, where celebrated Balinese Chef Wayan Kresna Yasa showcases his mastery of Southeast Asian flavors and sustainable practices. Savor wood-fired grilled specialties and vegan delights that celebrate the diverse flavors of the region.

Visit: Manggar Canggu



Luna Beer Garden

Perched atop a cliff at LUNA Beach Club, the new Luna Beer Garden offers rustic smokehouse cuisine, innovative cocktails, and a wide selection of beers in a relaxed, family-friendly setting. The culinary experience is inspired by traditional smokehouse techniques and earth ovens, offering dishes like smoked herb and garlic rotisserie chicken, BBQ bourbon pork ribs, and smoked Black Angus beef.

Visit: Luna Beer Garden




Ghost Kitchen & Record Bar

Ghost Canggu, a space born from passion and creativity, combines a restaurant, two bars, and a vinyl-focused DJ booth. Expect wood-fired meats, fresh seafood, seasonal dishes, and thoughtfully crafted cocktails in a lively, creative environment.

Visit: Ghost Bali





From the creators of KU DE TA, Saltlick is a refined steakhouse that promises an immersive dining experience. Chef Jeremy Hunt sources the finest meats and farm-to-table ingredients, bringing a smoky, chargrilled touch to every dish. Highlights include the 21-day dry-aged porterhouse Black Angus, crispy beef tongue fritters, and wood-fired scallops.

Visit: Saltlick Bali




Okuzono Japanese Dining

Okuzono brings authentic izakaya dining to Bali, offering traditional Japanese dishes in a vibrant atmosphere. Among their specialties is the Hotate and Daikon Takikomi Gohan, a delicately prepared pot-cooked mixed rice dish featuring succulent scallop and Japanese white radish, infused with the essence of Bonito Soup. Another standout is the Wabi Sabi cocktail, blending white rum, yuzu, lime, and albumen, where Japanese citrus meets soft caramel notes with a hint of granny smith apple.

Visit: Okuzono Bali



With so many exciting new venues, Bali’s culinary scene in 2024 promises to be more vibrant and diverse than ever. Get ready to explore and indulge!

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