Fine Dining Finds New Prestige at Apéritif Restaurant

After eager anticipation, Bali’s most distinguished fine dining restaurant, Apéritif, has launched its new menu, the Prestige Degustation. Located in the lush highland town of Ubud, the menu was created to underscore the restaurant’s reputation for using superior global ingredients and fine cuisine.

The Prestige Menu is available for lunch or dinner and crafted by the redoubtable Executive Chef Nic Vanderbeeken and his team. Food pundits call the menu’s six and eight courses inventive and inspiring using the best of seasonal ingredients.

The attention to ingredients is what sets one apart according to Chef Nic: “The detail of dishes, no matter how simple or complex, all starts with the quality of produce. From that comes texture, flavour and a wealth of inspiration for creating something truly unique.”

The restaurant’s long-standing popular dishes, including Opu Fish and Miyazaki Wagyu A5 remain classic features, complemented by new menu highlights:

Oyster Mignonette – a classic dish of poached oyster topped with a clam and oyster stock foam.

Red Snapper – cured and mixed with clams, dressed in herb-infused Leche de Tigre sauce.

Crab “Binte”—a marriage of Western and Indonesian cuisine originating from the Gorontalo region of Sulawesi, with a technique that combines exceptionally for a flavorful broth and base similar to soup made from seafood, corn, and young coconuts.

Foie Gras Aigredoux – sweet and sour pineapple roasted and cold-pressed overnight combing Indonesian Nusa Caña spiced rum topped with granola.

Canadian Lobster – a dish that combines earthy, sweet, and tangy tastes served with a pickle and roasted beetroot and yellow sauce with spices from local sources.

Dutch Veal – poached sweetbread coated with flour and cooked with clarified butter garnished with Parape, a condiment from South Sulawesi and inspired by the city of Makassar.

The Prestige Menu reflects Indonesia as an archipelago where marine life is the focus and the abundance of spices also naturally grown in these islands allow for an eclectic pairing of flavour. Chef Nic says the Prestige Degustation menu “has allowed me to create dishes of the highest quality in produce and concept with absolute unbridled enthusiasm” adding “this menu is worth coming back for again and again.”

You can view the Prestige Degustation menu online at

A Luxurious Dining Experience with Old World Sophistication

Located in a spacious standalone building overlooking a lush valley at the renowned Viceroy Bali, the 60- seat Apéritif restaurant is tastefully decorated in marble, dark woods and bronze elements that capture the grand atmosphere of the 1920s dining traditions. The restaurant is often called a living snapshot of the island’s colonial past with a space showcasing authentic period photographs that depict the Dutch– Indonesian Viceroys of Bali and Yogyakarta. The dining room’s captivating interior has been the setting for numerous events and groups who relish its period décor.

Combining international and Spice Island ingredients with fresh seasonal vegatbales from Viceroy Bali’s greenhouse, Apéritif touches on the archipelago’s diverse culinary heritage. Settle in for an allencompassing dining journey, where Chef Nic and his team unite an eclectic blend of global cuisine that takes pride in its sense of place.

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