Once upon a time, as the final whispers of 2023 rustled through the leaves of Ubud’s emerald jungles, the Alila Ubud prepared to unfurl an evening of enchantment and celebration. This was no ordinary farewell to the year gone by, but a harmonious blend of tradition and revelry, a symphony set under the canvas of stars at Bali’s serene sanctuary.

In the heart of the whispering forest, the stage is set. The culinary maestros of Alila Ubud beckon epicureans to a feast that dances across continents. Imagine a five-course soiree where Eastern spices waltz with Western delicacies, all serenaded by the gentle strings of acoustic melodies. As the night unfolds, guests are invited to not just one, but two dining sessions, ensuring that whether they arrive with the setting sun or under the cloak of twilight, their seat at the table awaits.

But what is a New Year’s Eve without a twist of time and a dash of nostalgia? As the last hours of 2023 gently tick away, Alila Ubud transports its esteemed guests to a night reminiscent of the iconic 90s. The air shimmers with vibrant neon as grunge meets glamour by the poolside. Here, in this magical enclave, fashion echoes the era of baggy jeans and crop tops, each outfit completed with a glow-in-the-dark accessory as if to say, “Here I am, ready to shine into the new year.”

A live DJ, the maestro of the decks, conjures the anthems of the 90s, each beat a pulse that stirs the soul, each melody a memory reborn. The dance floor, aglow with neon, becomes a sea of stars, each dancer a light undulating to the rhythm of the past made present.

And as the final seconds of the year tick away, all gather, anticipation sparkling in their eyes, flutes at the ready. At the stroke of midnight, as the sky blooms with the grandeur of fireworks, a toast is made. Glasses clink, a chorus of hopes and dreams, as the night sky is painted with the colors of beginnings and the echoes of a year yet untold.

This tale, however grand it may seem, is not a mere fable. It is an invitation to step into a story that begins with “Once upon a New Year’s Eve” and ends with a “happily ever after” that lingers far beyond the stroke of midnight. For those eager to be characters in this enchanting narrative, to feast, dance, and dream, the Alila Ubud beckons.

Reservations are but a spell away—cast it with a call or a click, and secure your passage to this night of wonders. For when the first sunrise of 2024 crests over the Ubud jungle, let it be said that there was magic, and you were there to dance in its light.

Alila Ubud, please email to ubud@alilahotels.com or +62 361 975 963

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