Gift with Meaning and Purpose this Mother’s Day with John Hardy

Luxury, handcrafted Balinese jewelry maker John Hardy is taking time to honor the unique and expressive qualities of our leading ladies this Mother’s Day. With infinite stories to tell and without whom, our own stories would not be possible, these women are larger than life, inspiring, motivating, connecting. mentoring, and protecting us at every turn.

We celebrate Mom through an array of jewelry imbued with nature’s untamed strength in a prism of colorful gems selected for their organic beauty and raw power. From garnet, amethyst, aquamarine, emerald and moonstone to ruby, peridot, blue sapphire, pink tourmaline, citrine, blue topaz, black sapphire and diamond, each possesses an innate meaning. Our vibrant curation of jewelry helps you to give a gift with purpose and appreciation. Celebrate Mom with colorful stones that speak to her personality.

Traced with pavé diamonds, our Classic Chain reversible bracelet lays the foundation for personal expression. Elevate her bracelet stack with our 12 vibrant gemstone options, each possessing meaning and energy that represents her best or select her birthstone.

Made to layer and stack, try our Classic Chain bracelets or necklaces with pendant gemstones or Classic Chain stud earrings highlighting our signature Lava pavé setting – featuring organic cuts and shapes creating an exotic gradient of stones for a refraction of shine. These artisan handcrafted icons communicate an unapologetic existence that ritualizes extraordinary moments and everyday moods perfect for all Mothers as there’s nothing more powerful than wearing jewelry that reflects who you are.

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