GRIYA SANTRIAN ART GALLERY PRESENTS A Decade in Togetherness – The Ten Fine Art

Griya Santrian Art Gallery Proudly Presents “After 10 Years by The Ten Fine Art Group”. The exhibition will be official opened by IB Sidharta Putra on Friday 30 October. Held from 30 October until 30 November 2015. Open for public daily from 10AM – 6PM. More information contact Griya Santrian Art Gallery with Ibu Dayu at or (0361) 288 181.

Sanur, October 2015 – Togetherness is the key to the existence of a group of visual artist named “ The Ten Fine Art Sanur ” (Ten FA). Perhaps togetherness is just an ordinary phrase which has been familiar to the people who live in an agrarian community, but the togetherness for the Ten FA visual artist does not only hav a literal meaning, because it becomes the foundation of every creativity in the group. This togetherness has existed because of the common awareness to manage their personal “egos” to be a drive for their creativity in the togetherness.

They realize that each of them has their own personal egos, but if they put the egos in a conflicting position, then it may become the source of stresses, conflicts, even divisions among them. On the other hand, if the egos are well managed, they will be their joint power. As the matter of fact, ego is a creative power which is supported by the super ego lying in the sub conscious level of every human being, and according to Jung it can also be stored in a collective sub-consciousness.

This small group fully realizes the two sides of an ego, based on their experience in one decade of togetherness which shows that they can well manage their egos. This is also based on the egalitarian character which becomes the background of the group, in which nobody feels being more dominant than the others. The room becomes a “value” free field which makes it possible for multi-directional discussions so that ideas can flow easily.

The Ten FA is a fine bend of diversity which comes from various esthetical schools, educational backgrounds, even one of them is not of a Balinese origin. They include I Made Budi Adnyana, I Made Dolar Astawa, I Ketut Teja Astawa, I Wayan “Apel” Hendrawan, I Wayan Muliastra, A.A. Ngurah Paramartha, I Wayan Paramartha, Ida Bagus Putu Purwa, I Made “Romi” Sukadana, Vinsensius Dedy Reru.

Thy take the spirit which is so close to the real day-to-day Balinese social life in which togetherness is the main ingredient of a banjar system. Togetherness is not interpreted just as “being together in a certain place”, because there is a much deeper meaning implied in it. Even if they never express it in a literal statement, their creativity as expressed in their joint works displayed in exhibitions which are held on a regularly basis clearly shows this one.

A decade of experience shows that the Ten FA can manage the differences, diversities, egos, and free wills of each individual as the source of power, the energy to drive their ceaseless creativity, an energy which is like an electromagnetic field embedded in their togetherness. This is a simple value but it has a lot of meanings because it is expressed in every move and creativity.

Their togetherness has been so far and will always be a component in the Balinese visual art history. It is a history which is woven by the red threads in every stage from time to time as always being lived by the actors. And the “red” one keeps being “red” which underlies every move and restlessness of the era. The “red” one becomes the spirit which will keep making the development of Balinese visual art have a distinct gesture which is different from the rest.

Written by: I Wayan Seri Yogaparta – a lecturer of art in UNG, Now attend a Doctoral in ISI Yogyakarta

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