Griya Santrian Art Gallery Proudly Presents
Hibernasi by I Wayan Januariawan
The exhibition was official opened by IB Sidharta Putra on Thursday 28 January
Held from 28 January until March 2016
Open for public daily from 10AM – 6PM
More information contact Griya Santrian Art Gallery with Ibu Dayu at or (0361) 288 181

Sanur, February 2016 –  “Hibernasi” or hibernate is the painting exhibition theme, reflecting an animal’s condition where they have a long sleep during the winter. Humans don’t hibernate, but using their minds, they can prepare ways to adapt to the environment. The artwork shows hibernating as a “resting” time after sickness or tiring conditions, to enable pondering, contemplation, and evaluation of previous actions. The paintings depict multi-faceted elements of the painter, his living condition, painting technique, art development and market also society appreciation. In the painter’s opinion, painting in Bali mainly in large galleries, is dominated by contemporary art focusing on art concepts. The technical skill and esthetic values are starting to be neglected. As a painter, Wayan Donal wants to restore the painting art element into academic traditional painting basics using the brush, to show the importance of technical element in a work of art.

I Wayan Januariawan nicknamed Wayan Donal, was born on January 18 1986, at Ubud, Gianyar. Born from a family of painters, he has been painting since elementary school, using the Ubud style from decendents of Pita Maha Kutuh style, depicting culture and agriculture themes. He perfected his skills in ISI Denpasar and often conducts exhibitions of his work of art, many of which are purchased by private collectors

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