Habitat Café

A New Authentic Pan Asia Eatery

The era of the modern café has made its presence felt strongly in Bali, but not so in Ubud. Mention as the hippies area, Ubud has different culture and atmosphere then in Bali south area. Here, Habitat café brings a new iconic food scene in Ubud.

Occupying a premium area at main boulevard in the heart of Ubud tourist area, the cafe is easily recognisable by an tropical stylish look, in between their outdate neighbourhood.

Habitat cafe is designed for breakfast, luncheons, dinner, afternoon coffee & tea, ice-cream-ing during the hot day, or after-works drinks.

Habitat Ubud 2

With modern tropical style, Habitat cafe has two dining area. The cafe is equipped with comfortable semi sofa, chairs, and bar stool. Bamboo panelling, wood ornaments and terracotta, are main idea of the interior, to give the cafe natural atmosphere.

Habitat cafe is casual dining restaurant offering Pan Asia cuisine with a range of dishes inspired by authentic Southeast Asian street food flavours. Pan Asian cuisine contain incredible variety of ingredients, whether meats and fish, vegetables, and herbs&spices. The menu also include with healthy food, dedicated to Ubudian healthy lifestyle.


The lunch start with vietnamese spring roll. A bunch of crunchy shredded fresh vegetables such as carrots, cucumber, cabbage, with rice vermicelli, a dash of cilantro, wrapped in rice paper wraps, then dip in fish ginger soy sauce. This dish just make you think that the best way to feel light and ready for spring is, to eat a lot of veggies!

As the most international restaurant should offer some western comfort food, Habitat’s signature burgers was next. A full loaded of rich flavour beef patty, fresh lettuce and tomato, melted cheese, and red shallots on top, covered with sesame buns. Complement with fries, this signature dish is so-called the best burger in Ubud.

Others recommended authentic dish is beef pho noodle soup. In the Vietnamese repertoire, beef pho noodle soup is a classic. In fact, it’s practically the national dish of Vietnam. Pho consist of broth, rice noodles called bánh phở, a few herbs, and beef meat. It expressed in such features as enormously complex flavours in the broth used in Phở and noodle soups. This beef pho soup was make an tasteful experience of authentic asian street food.


Completing the pan asia culinary journey in Habitat, a glass of vietnamese ice coffee and gelato was certainly a great way to end.

The delivery of light and tasty dishes using fresh quality and served with smile is Habitat’s forte. They compound perfectly humans vibrant, good food, and nature which portrayed as their name, “Habitat”.

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