Hair Talk with Rob Peetoom

It happens to be different setting if you turn to Rob Peetoom Salon. There will be floating studio compound and splashing water and at the back there is an extension of green rice fields will boost your mood.

It was a breezy kind of a day in Petitenget street. Patient drivers behind the wheel are checking their phones; bike drivers taking chances to small lanes while some travelers are happy with the sidewalks. It is a regular day in Bali streets.

We are so lucky to meet Rob himself at the salon. He travels a lot to manage his 20 salons spread in Amsterdam, New York, Indonesia, and he’s recently launched salon at Beach Walk shopping mall in Kuta, Bali.

Rob was born in Holland 26 February 1945. Young Rob indented to be an architect, but drawing hair interests him most, he knows that he can make a living as a hairdresser. He started as a freelance hairdresser and travelled all over the world for magazines, and fashion weeks. As time goes by, he has found himself, his own style; the thing that makes him different amongst hairdressers. Then he started doing tons of shows, and opened several salons spread in Holland.

It’s been 45 years of journey as an experienced hairdresser; Rob has found the art of hair styling himself. When you walk to the door there will be little trivia questions about yourself as if you are consulting yourself to the expertise. Started by getting a sense of who you are and what you want. The purpose is to get to know what’s best for your look and personality. There will be more than who you are and what you do-questions, but also thinking about your personality, place you live in, your hobbies or even your life history. Some women who had something in their life decided to go to the hair salon to change their hair. You can completely change your image by the hair. The most important thing is you have the look that suit you and personality that allows your beauty to shine, he stresses.

“I love beautiful hair. The long beautiful hair,” he said again. His salon in Petitenget has been operated for four years. Since the beginning, Rob had trained his staff in his academy, Rob Peetoom Academy. There are plenty of stylists who are good at cutting but it is rare to find someone who can really find the right cut and suitable to the the clients’ personality.

“I love Bali. It’s not as busy as my salon in Holland, but I love the whole feeling of Bali. In Bali I’d like to motivate my staff to do what I do.” For Rob it’s not easy to pass on the thinking to his staff. He reminds his staff in his academy to not copy a hair cut, but thinking wisely before doing the cutting that according to him is a hard work. Checking the client’s appearance, such as the type of the face or neck will help staff to do better work and give a better look to the clients. “ I have 4 hairstylist that I could see their improvements which is good. But I still need to take a few of my staff from Holland to here so there will be more extending knowledge in my academy. It’s not easy with paper works,” he sighed.

When we ask if he’s a perfectionist, he was thinking for a moment and finally says, “Yes, I think I am. I like quality.“ Rob added that he likes a quality in work, some hairdressers want the cutting to be correct in every tiny little detail, but it is not wise. “Imperfect can perfect.”

Rob has 5 hairstylists in Bali and 6 therapists and Rob knows them very well. Rob opens his salon in level 3 Beach Walk Shopping Mall for shoppers who want to get quick haircuts or treatment. If you are lucky, perhaps you have Rob himself to do your hair!

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