Hand’s on Planting – A Day in Life of a Balinese Organic Farmers

At Alila Ubud, we invite you to immerse yourself in the heart of Balinese culture with our exclusive field experiences, thoughtfully crafted to connect you with the island’s rich agricultural heritage. Under the guidance of our expert hosts, discover the vital role of these fields in local traditions, and delve into the meticulous planning and profound philosophy that underpins each farming activity.

Your journey begins with the soft light of dawn, where the fields awaken, and the morning mist dances over the landscape. Our knowledgeable guides will lead you through the lush, verdant expanse, sharing stories of the land and the time-honored techniques that sustain the local communities. Each step is a passage through history, where the earth’s bounty is cultivated with care and reverence.

Starting with a serene rice paddy walk, our Leisure Concierge will unravel the story of Bali’s crucial paddy fields, highlighting the ingenious Subak irrigation system. Learn about the farmers’ morning rituals and witness their dedication firsthand. The journey
then leads to a traditional breakfast, a communal affair where women serve the meal in a quaint bale “Kubu.” Here, amidst the green expanse, farmers gather to break bread, their eyes reflecting the morning sun over the paddies.

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