Heirloom Rice Planting with John Hardy on September 7th 2018

John Hardy workshop is an illustration of the company belief – creating handcrafted luxury jewelry in a sustainable way that respects the environment and the people. Organic rice fields and vegetation farms surround low-impact traditional buildings to ensure a healthy and eco-friendly environment. The John Hardy management and team in Bali regularly participates in the planting and harvesting of the workshop’s rice fields in appreciation for the hard work by farmers.

This planting season, John Hardy shared its value and tradition, and invited community to take part in the planting of Balinese heirloom rice which can only be harvested after 6 months. The planting done by the team alongside with hotel guests, hotel practisions and local media.

After rice planting, the participants got the chance to do workshop tour to witness, first hand the making of John Hardy pieces, preview John Hardy collections at the Kapal Bamboo Boutique and at the end of the program they had lunch with the management and artisans, had lunch that cooked in a traditional Balinese kitchen that provides farm to table meals for 750 artisans each day.

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