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ICON BALI Unveils in Sanur: Redefining Shopping and Entertainment on the Island

ICON BALI, the newest premier shopping destination in Bali, proudly opens its doors in Sanur at Jalan Danau Tamblingan No. 27 on Friday, June 7, 2024. The goal is to provide unforgettable and unparalleled shopping and entertainment experiences for visitors in Bali.


With a leasing area of 32,000 square meters, ICON BALI offers direct access to shopping, dining, and beach recreation, creating a unique destination for locals and tourists alike. It boasts over two hundred stores, restaurants, and vendors, blending contemporary local culture with trendy concept stores.

The mall’s design is inspired by Bali’s natural beauty, incorporating elements such as terraced rice fields, tropical plants, frangipani flowers, and salak fruit.



As Sanur’s leading new destination, ICON BALI features several first-time stores from top international brands like Emporio Armani 7, Ted Baker, Fred Perry, Flying Tiger, Amarisa, and the highly anticipated IMAX Theater.

Anchor tenants such as Cinema XXI IMAX, Market City, Krisna Premium, Timezone, Marks & Spencer, and Uniqlo set the standard for excellence in retail and entertainment. They offer diverse selections, ensuring ICON BALI becomes a preferred destination for locals and tourists in Sanur.


ICON BALI also provides a wide selection of retail stores, including Mango, Sephora, Tumi, Michael Kors, Victoria’s Secret, Bath & Body Works, MLB, Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger, Under Armour, Swarovski, Pandora, Pedro, Charles & Keith, Foot Locker, Joe Malone, and many other exciting brands.


Additionally, ICON BALI offers various comfortable venues for live shows, exhibitions, and indoor and outdoor event spaces such as ICON BALI beach, ICON Community Lawn, Atrium area, and Cultural Stage & Amphitheatre. Enhancing the shopping and entertainment experience, Cinema XXI at ICON BALI introduces the first IMAX® with laser studio in Bali, providing viewers with superior resolution, sharper visuals, and the widest color range on a large screen.



ICON BALI’s success is built on a strong commitment to its core values, guiding its interactions with customers and stakeholders. These values are embodied in four pillars. The first pillar, Enhancing the Authenticity of Bali, aims to showcase the island’s rich history, culture, traditions, and cuisine. ICON BALI positions itself as the prime destination for experiencing Bali, attracting millions of visitors both internationally and domestically.


The second pillar, Surpassing Commercial Value, highlights ICON BALI’s role in sustainable development in Sanur. This project supports the local community, boosts tourism, and creates business opportunities. By attracting more people to Sanur, ICON BALI helps elevate the local economy and enhances the overall visitor experience.


The third pillar, Local Heroes Become Global Heroes, focuses on empowering the local community through collaborations with local businesses and promoting Balinese arts and culture. The Beach Floor, Floating Market, and Cultural Stage are key features that support and showcase local talents. The Eight Wonders of ICON BALI, including the Floating Market, Cultural Amphitheatre, Vertical Forest, ICON Beach Promenade, ICON Beach Gallery, Beach Sunset Laser-Water Show / Sunset Sea Fountain, Butterfly Park, and Edible Garden offers unique experiences that set ICON BALI apart as a premier destination.


Through these pillars, ICON BALI offers a unique and enriching experience, from shopping to cultural immersion, making it a must-visit destination in Bali.


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