Indian Celebrity Chef Live Cooking Show

at The ANVAYA Beach Resort Bali

A five-star resort in Kuta, The ANVAYA Beach Resort Bali was host to Indian Celebrity Chef Vicky Ratnani for a Live Cooking Show at Sands Restaurant’s open kitchen. The event was held in collaboration with VITO (Visit Indonesia Tourism Office) in India and was also part of a familiarization mission for Indian tourists who travel to Bali.

Watching the cooking show were 50 Bali-based media and travel agents. Chef Vicky Ratnani, who was born and raised in Mumbai, has a wit and charm reminiscent of natural Indian spices. A foodie at heart, he is a heady cocktail of ­flavours, some still undefined. At The ANVAYA Beach Resort Bali Chef Vicky cooked a tempting Coconut Water Poached Prawn and Vanilla Curry Leaf Mash The ANVAYA Healthy Pizza.

“Sands’ open kitchen design is truly amazing. The restaurant brings a new concept to Asian cuisine, especially reactivating the engagement between chefs and food lovers. I was honoured to be hosted by The ANVAYA and greatly enjoyed the warm hospitality,” said Chef Vicky at Sands Restaurant.

This cooking event has helped raise awareness of Bali Tourism’s work with VITO in India to not only promote Bali as a holiday destination but also premise unique experiences to be brought home. “We want to highlight that our Sands Restaurant provides a Cooking with the Chef experience that guests can enjoy during their stay. Thank you for trusting us to host Celebrity Chef Vicky Ratnani during his summer holiday in Bali. We hope this event can have a good impact on the India-Indonesia tourism partnership,” said Denny A. Ermansyah, General Manager of The ANVAYA Beach Resort Bali.

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