‘Indonesia: The Land of Art’ – Highlighting the Sense of Indonesian Fine Arts at The Apurva Kempinski Bali

A three-month live art studio exhibition highlighting the vibrant and diverse fine arts of Indonesia

As part of the Powerful Indonesia Festival, The Apurva Kempinski Bali is collaborating with Kita Art Friends, a Bali-based art community, to present ‘Indonesia: The Land of Art’. The Live Art Studio Exhibition in the resort’s Pendopo Lobby invites art enthusiasts from 11 August to 3 November 2023 to experience the magical moments as art transcends barriers and speaks to every soul, regardless of one’s background, passion or preference.
‘Indonesia: The Land of Art’ showcases the vibrant and diverse artistic heritage of Indonesia through a curated selection of artworks from renowned and emerging Indonesian artists. Unique from other art exhibitions, this exhibition brings the gallery of art to the audience. Artistic wonders await at every corner of the Pendopo Lobby of The Apurva Kempinski Bali, where live art studios have been meticulously designed by Kita Art Friends to represent each artist’s character. These studios provide visitors an intimate glimpse into the creative process of the artists while at the same time, the new environment might encourage inspirations for the artists’ upcoming masterpieces.

The exhibition hosts twelve artists who will take turns to reside in the four live art studios per month for the coming three months period. In addition to the live art studios, visitors will have the privilege of admiring timeless masterpieces from the legendary Indonesian artists; Hendra Gunawan, Nuraeni Hendra Gunawan, and Made Wianta. Each exhibited artwork has been carefully curated by Rizki A. Zaelani, Savitri Sastrawan, and Yudha Bantono beautifully reflect the artists’ profound connection to their roots, offering unique perspectives on contemporary society while preserving the essence of tradition.

The first four artists to take on the stages of live art studios are Ugo Untoro, Nyoman Erawan, Made Wiradana and Vincent Prijadi. The live art studio of a prominent Indonesian artist, Ugo Untoro, represents his signature energetic, raw and edgy style influenced by street culture and graffiti art in portraying universal emotions and societal concerns through unsettling expressions on his canvases. Also on stage is Nyoman Erawan who has been expressing his creativity in fine art for more than four decades with rich Balinese influence highlighting the damaged artistic values of burnt pattern remains in a Ngaben or Balinese cremation procession through his paintings, sculptures, and art installations. In the studio of Made Wiradana, his witty yet contemporary style is illustrated through the strokes on his paintings radiating his belief that the past can never disappear from human consciousness. Completing the remarkable line-up is an emerging talented artist from Surabaya – East Java, Vincent Prijadi Purwono who utilises painting as a medium to express his emotions and communicate his unique perspectives through intricate and vibrant artworks that offer a glimpse of his extraordinary focus and cognitive processes.

In the following month, Dicky Takndare, Dedy Sufriadi, Npaaw, and Ida Bagus Indra are taking over the stage of ‘Indonesia: The Land of Art’. Hailing from Papua, Dicky Takndare’s bold artworks portray the region’s socio-cultural dynamics and local cultural elements to advocate for improved Papuan humanity through strong community engagement. Meanwhile, the studio of Dedy Sufriadi presents conceptual contextual works with a distinctive artistic style fusing textual and symbolic elements into intricate abstract expressions that remind us of Indonesia’s literary heritage. The next stage demonstrates the surrealist style of NPAAW who is fond of using animals and plants as idioms to reflect opinions, experiences and parodies upon various issues – especially through their symbolisations known to humans. The journey continues as Ida Bagus Indra, also known as IBI, presents his artworks that capture Balinese culture with minimalistic backdrops, lively foregrounds, and intricate textures, offering profound insights into the interplay of faith and beauty.

Ultimately, Kun Adnyana, Sutjipto Adi, Lugas Syllabus, and Made Arya Palguna take the stage for the epilogue of ‘Indonesia: The Land of Art’. The live art studio of the renowned Made ‘Kun’ Adnyana showcases his signature and award-winning contemporary strokes of art on ink drawing merged with acrylic colours that are influenced by his study of Balinese art and the history of art, aiming to bring the relevance of ancient collective memories to the newer generation, while he concurrently serves as the Rector and Associate Professor at the Faculty of Visual Art and Design of Indonesia Institute of the Arts (ISI) Bali. Meanwhile, discover the transformative journey as Sutjipto Adi who was a prominent figure in geometrically restructured photo-realistic works that convey cosmic impressions experienced an artistic evolution as he turned 60, portraying the Indonesian contemporary art through his avant-garde composition, pouring his heart and soul as he reflects his feeling towards the current life dynamics. Furthermore, reflecting his actual studio in Yogyakarta, the studio of Lugas Syllabus portrays his award-winning theatrical art of landscape and poetry of hope, incorporating elements from pop culture, media, and technology fused with memories, history, and folklore. Finally, enjoy the narrative artworks of Made Arya Palguna who often features a distinct style of painting living beings such as humans, animals and plants that become the symbols of social critics, jokes, and parodies towards our daily lives, portrayed across various mediums such as painting, sculpture, and art installations.

Throughout the exhibition, enriching talk shows will be organised, providing a platform for media, curators, art academicians, and enthusiasts to delve into the artists’ perspectives and artistic journeys. These insightful discussions will highlight the role of art in shaping culture, preserving heritage, and driving societal change.

The grand opening of ‘Indonesia: The Land of Art’ is scheduled for 11 August 2023, and will be marked with a spectacular launching event, immersing attendees in the magic of Indonesian art. The exhibition will conclude on 3 November 2023, with a special closing event offering a final opportunity for visitors to explore the captivating world of Indonesian creativity.

“We’re truly excited and grateful for the opportunity to team up with The Apurva Kempinski Bali for ‘Indonesia: The Land of Art’. Bringing the gallery to a wider audience with a unique art studio concept is a true honour for the art community. We’re looking forward to igniting more interests in appreciating Indonesia’s fine art scene through interactive sessions with our artists and the remarkable artworks being exhibited. Thank you for sharing the stage with us to strengthen the identity and the sense of Indonesia’s visual fine arts.” Shared Abdes Prestaka, the Art Director of Kita Art Friends.

“We are truly grateful for the opportunity, that together with Kita Art Friends, we bring Indonesian art to life. Through ‘Indonesia: The Land of Art’, we are being united through art as we celebrate the beauty and spirit of Indonesia through creativity and culture. Our heartfelt appreciation to the remarkable talents who have given us the privilege of insights into the essence of Indonesia’s fine art and for bridging tradition with modernity.” Said the General Manager of The Apurva Kempinski Bali, Vincent Guironnet.

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