Inner Silence, Outer Paradise: Celebrate Nyepi at Alila Manggis

Alila Manggis, one of Bali’s most serene seaside resorts, is delighted to announce a unique celebration of Nyepi, the Balinese Day of Silence. This year, we are embracing the essence of Balinese culture and tradition, offering our guests an unparalleled experience of tranquility and local flavors.


As the island of Bali prepares to observe the sacred day of Nyepi, a time for reflection and quietude, Alila Manggis invites guests to immerse themselves in a peaceful retreat. The resort will be hosting “Warung Pojok,” a special corner that brings the authentic taste of Bali to your palate on the Nyepi Day from 12-3 PM. Our in-house guests are invited for a sumptuous array of Balinese dishes including the savory Bakso, the delectable Tipat Cantok, the tantalizing Tahu Tek, alongside various traditional Balinese snacks. To complement the feast, refresh yourself with Es Buah, a delightful fruit drink, perfect for the tropical climate.



But the celebration doesn’t end with exquisite food. Alila Manggis has curated a series of engaging activities, allowing guests to delve deeper into the Balinese way of life. Embrace the joy of Ulatan don nyuh, where guests can experience the traditional method of coconut leaf weaving, a skill deeply rooted in Balinese culture. Participate in Capil, an intriguing game that has been a part of local life for generations. For those seeking a more tranquil pursuit, Klangsah, a serene and meditative activity, awaits. Additionally, Sangkui Mejejahitan, a workshop on crafting Balinese kids’ toys, offers a delightful experience for our younger guests.


At Alila Manggis, we believe that Nyepi is not just a day of silence but a moment to reconnect with oneself and the rich cultural heritage of Bali. Our serene seaside setting, surrounded by the natural beauty of the island, provides the perfect backdrop for this introspective and culturally rich holiday.


We warmly invite you to join us at Alila Manggis for a Nyepi celebration like no other, where tranquility meets tradition. For reservations and more information, please contact

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