Introducing the NEW TWO Islands Sparkling Chardonnay

Living up to its commitment of continuously developing their wines, the popular TWO Islands brand would proudly introducing the NEW Sparkling Chardonnay and making now 8 varieties in the range.

As leaders in the Indonesian Wine Industry the TWO Islands Sparkling Chardonnay is the first locally produced with Méthode Traditionnelle to be made here in Bali at its Sanur Winery. Winemaker James Kalleske at the helm of the 24 years old winery, assures the new Sparkling Chardonnay wine is set to make a dramatic impact on the local market. The 2017 Two Islands Sparkling Chardonnay is made using grapes from our premium cool climate vineyards in south Australia’s Adelaide Hills and Limestone Coast.  Bottle fermented using the traditional French technique and aged sur-lies for minimum 12 months, this brut sparkling Chardonnay displays a fine bead, intense floral aromatics of spring Freesias, generous stone fruits on the palate and a long finish defined by toasted nuts, marmalade and pastry.

This vintage is a beautiful blend between complex old world style and fresh fruity new world style, which should appeal equally to experienced Sparkling Chardonnay wine drinkers and also general wine consumers who like brut sparkling wines.

This new  wine is  outstanding in taste and quality” says the owner of Hatten Wines and TWO Islands brands, IB. Rai Budarsa, he adds “To maintain our position as the market leader in Bali and throughout Indonesia, we must keep a close eye on the wine industry .  Demand for a quality Sparkling Chardonnay at an affordable price encouraged us to develop this wine and a void in the market here of a Sparkling Chardonnay was something we recognized as leaders in the wine industry. We make it our priority to ensure we outsource the finest grapes from South Australia and to ensure our wine is outstanding in every way.

TWO Islands is a collection of wines originating from the wine region of South Australia, designed to offer distinct Australian wine characteristics. Between the Pacific coast in Queensland to the Indian Ocean coast in South Australia, the Australian continent offers up dry riverbeds, rainforest, mountain ranges, endless scrubland, red deserts and eventually the cooler wine-growing valleys of the south coast.  South-Eastern Australia is officially classified as a viticultural ‘super zone’ covering the entire south-eastern third of Australia.  The region is the Australian wine industry’s powerhouse State, producing most of the nation’s wine and boasting some of the oldest individual vines in the world.

TWO islands wines are from this rich and diverse wine land and using some of its most famous varietals.

Hatten Wines wine tasting and wine shop, The Cellardoor, is opened 7 days a week at The Hatten Wines Building in Sanur, Bali, and 5 days a week in Kemang, Jakarta.  Visit to see the growing collection of signature wine accessories.


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