Introducing UNO at UNI BALI

Wednesday 4 March 7pm – late

UNI BALI kick of their new monthly event UNO – one ingredient / multiple ways.

On the first Wednesday of every month, the menu at UNI BALI will be curated around one ingredient, creatively woven to varying degrees through each dish. Some courses calling for the hero ingredient to be at the centre of the plate, whilst at other times playing a supporting role.

“We want to create a new kind of evening that engages locals, expats, chefs and winemakers, and becomes a discussion point. By focussing on just one hero ingredientat UNO we get to challenge the kitchen and spark new conversations with our guests.”- Chef Steven Skelly

This month sake is the star of show. Traditionally revered as an offering to the gods, sake is a Japanese alcoholic beverage made from fermented rice. As much as sake is a delight to drink, it is even more perfect as an ingredient in cooking. During this interactive dining experience chef Steven Skelly will illustrate sake’s versatility and deliciousness in cooking, highlighting which kinds of sake to use, and the brewers and regions in Japan that are producing some of the most interesting styles of sake for cooking. Guest will enjoy Steamed clams with sake and spring onion, and sweet treats such as Sake baba with whipped cream and lychee. Sommelier Nicolas Lento will be pairing each dish to a new tipple with wine, sake cocktails and beer on offer.

UNO is a new relaxed evening geared towards communal dining with sharing plates, drinks flowing, and cool tunes by Adrian Giordano.

And if that’s not enough to lure you out of the house on a Wednesday night, perhaps the prices will: $250k for food selection, and $100k for wine or sake cocktail and $50 for sake cup.  Could Wednesday be the new Friday?

Bookings via: info@uni-restaurant.com / +62 811 3883 371

Jalan Pantai Berawa #99 Canggu, Bali / @uni.bali / www.uni-restaurant.com

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